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Going (kind of) viral

Cindy Guthrie
Cindy Guthrie
Hello there 👋
I hope your 2022 has gotten off to a great start.
In this edition of The Marketing Tree Newsletter, I’m talking about: 
  • Going (kind of) viral
  • And personal branding
My newsletter has been on a break while I figured out my personal brand, but I am happy to be back! 

Going (kind of) viral
Last year, I started a Twitter account with the hopes of growing my personal brand. But I found it difficult to jump into the platform because I didn’t have any followers.
In December, my career coach challenged me to start posting anyway. So I did, and I grew my following to a whopping 13 people 😶
Then I got promoted at work and tweeted this to my 13 followers, and the tweet went viral! 
Okay, not viral, but that’s a lot of engagement for someone who had 13 followers. BTW, as of right now, I have 169 followers, thanks to that tweet.
Here’s why this post took off
Marketers connected to it because it was a little vulnerable.
I wrote that it might not seem like a big deal, but explained why this promotion is a big deal. 
It took a lot for me to include that little tidbit. I don’t like being vulnerable, but people connect with you when you’re relatable. Being vulnerable makes you more relatable. 
Personal branding
You may be wondering why my Twitter handle is @thecindyguthrie when my last name is Rodriguez.
I’m getting married in a few months and figured that since my new name is available and I don’t have to put 10 numbers after it to use it as my handle, AND because I’m JUST NOW building my brand, it makes more sense to start with my new name than change my username once I’ve built an audience.
By the way, figuring out this personal branding stuff when my name is about to change was a huge reason I held back from building my brand. 
I tend to fall victim to analysis paralysis occasionally - overanalyzing to the point where I don’t do anything. But I’m working hard to be more like Nike and Just Do It in this new year.
More viral content
My Twitter wasn’t the only thing that went viral. 
Recently, I came across breaking news about Instagram and sent it to my team at work. They quickly came up with a post and scheduled it to go out on a Saturday. 
We usually post on weekends, but we wanted to get the word out ASAP. 
We post informational content regularly, so nobody expected it to take off as it did. But a few days later, it became our most engaged Instagram post ever 🎉
We gained several hundred new followers and had a spike in new member applications because of it also. 
As much as “the algorithms” have changed over the past year. And how much we hear complaints that organic reach is dead, these small wins are encouraging and a good reminder that content is still king 👑
If you’ve been holding off on working on your personal brand, I hope you found this newsletter encouraging. Now is a great time to start working on yours, even if you only have 13 followers. 
Until next week, 
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Cindy Guthrie
Cindy Guthrie @thecindyguthrie

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