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What Metrics Matter in PPC in 2022, Managing PPC in Unsettled Economic Times, PPC Live UK Sponsors

Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola
Welcome to our eleventh edition of the #PPCChat Roundup Newsletter - your fortnightly update on the latest of the #PPCChat Roundup podcast, interesting read in relation to the episodes, London’s only locally run and organized PPC-focused event (PPC Live UK), and more on what’s going on in my (Anu) world of Paid Search.
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#PPCChat Roundup Podcast🎙
Again - we’ve had another two weeks of very informative and timely PPC talks. We started by talking about What metrics matter in PPC in 2022 as the industry keeps evolving. Some are known, tried and tested ones like ROAS. Some were ones that even I had only heard of in the last few years like MER. Top tips:
The most overrated metric (I AGREE)
Brandon Lincoln Hendricks
@NeptuneMoon Q4: What is the most overrated PPC metric, in your opinion, in 2022?
A4: Quality score. I won't say futile but overrated for sure

The metric the has changed the most in the last two years
Fraser Andrews
A2: Other than the direct amount of data available around search queries which has and will forever be something I'll fight Google for, I find myself questioning impression share more and relying on multiple auction insight points e.g @spyfu #PPCChat
What metric do clients care about the most - most agreed with Ashton:
Ashton Clarke
A3: CPA is a big one, as well as clicks & impressions.

We also get a lot of indirect questions related to impression share, like "how much room does this campaign have to grow if we added budget" or "what is our presence like in this region"
Our second discussion was an area that has been on my mind especially every time my electricity bill pops up - Managing PPC in Unsettling Times. This one was for those who look after clients that have more luxury products or non-essentials. No that £20 5once face cream is not essential!! Haha. Here were some tactics shared:
Don’t let uncertainty paralyze you:
Julie F Bacchini
A1: Yes, I am concerned about the economy. While we may or may not have officially met the definition of recession, there are quite a lot of negative forces in play right now.

Expecting some to want to pull back and others to stay the course or increase.

The concerns on client minds:
Andrea Cruz
A3: yes! In B2B the key discussion has been retention, cross-sell and upsells #ppcchat
Capture those conversions!
Melissa L Mackey
A5 Ensuring conversion tracking is buttoned up, including importing Salesforce or other down-funnel lead data #ppcchat
And that’s our two topics for the past week. I hope you found them useful, especially with the unsettling economic times. Actually, I feel both topics are very relevant to each other. In economic unsettling times you really need to ensure you are focusing on the right metrics!
Please do go check out those episodes - there is a lot to learn from them. If you have listened to more than 30 seconds of them, why don’t you take 5 seconds of your time to leave a rating/review?
Relevant Articles/Links📑
PPC Live UK🗣
Just yesterday we got confirmation of our 5th sponsor! Salt is a global, award-winning digital recruitment agency, connecting people and businesses in Consulting, Creative, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Technology. This means we have more funds for drinks, canapes and pizza. 🥳🍷🍕.
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That brings us to the end of the fun happenings in my PPC world over the past few weeks. If you have any feedback please send it to with “Newsletter Feedback” in the subject line. I really do want to ensure you are getting news that you enjoy. And if you really did like it, please tell your colleagues, family, friends, and pets too. 😉
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Hope to speak to you in a couple of weeks.
Anu Adegbola aka TheMarketingAnu.
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Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola @themarketinganu

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