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Messy Match Types, Breaking into PPC, Meet Your PPC Live UK Speakers

Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola
Hi there - you bright ball of sunshine. Welcome to issue 3 of the PPCChat Roundup Newsletter. A warm welcome to even more new subscribers. You keep my world ticking in a bright beautiful way.
This week I have got some very interesting news about PPCKirk‘s tweet that inspired our chat two weeks ago, a topic very close to my heart - Breaking into PPC Speaking, a fantastic webinar coming up about GA4 (are you ready yet) and more.
Apologies for this issue coming a day later than usual - but you know how it is - there’s a piece of juicy news you are waiting on to be released before you can share with your awesome community. Well, it’s all ready now so let’s get into it!

Join us for the first PPC Live UK -
Join us for the first PPC Live UK -
#PPCChat Roundup Podcast🎙
Since our last issue, two podcast episodes have been released. The first one was on Messy Match Type and Account Structures and secondly Breaking into PPC Speaking.
The first one was inspired by PPCKirk‘s article that I mentioned in the last issue where he highlighted how the evolving nature of match types means segmenting them may not be a pointless practice. At the beginning of working on Paid Search, we clearly knew to separate match types by ad groups and campaigns. But that has completely changed. We discussed how that has changed and how that has been heavily influenced by what machine learning looks like today.
We then talked about Breaking into PPC Speaking. Ever since I started talking on Paid Search 8 years ago - I have been hooked. So much so, that I have now set up my own event. I think it’s absolutely invaluable to move completely away from your daily workspace, go somewhere to hear a talk about something you work on and network with other people with varied opinions on what you work on. It’s very eye-opening!
But of course, breaking into speaking also has its challenges. The pitch process, the stage fright fear, thinking that no one is going to want to hear what you have to talk about. I can tell you for a fact that is so not true. There are some talks I have witnessed that have left me thinking - how was this approved? It’s what my friend calls - white male energy/confidence (haha).
I am definitely then, very grateful for our #PPCChat community for coming together to share tips on how to get over those imposter syndrome thoughts. I especially love this one from Sophie Logan where she shares the importance of attending conferences before speaking at them.
So please go check those episodes out - there’s lots to learn from them and if you have listened to more than 30 seconds of it, why don’t you take 5 seconds of your time to leave a rating/review?
PPC Live UK🗣
Well if you have looked at our last issue or even at the top of this newsletter - you will know that there is a fantastic event coming up on the 28th of July. Here are some more details of our speakers:
We first have Yasmin Williams, Paid Media Lead at Impression, who will be talking on Third-Party Insights to drive your PPC Strategy.
In her words -
“I have 5 years working both agency side and in-house, predominantly based in London. My specialism lies in paid search, however, throughout my years in the field I’ve broadened my horizons into strategic overviews of the wider paid media offering.
At Impression, no two days are ever the same! From chatting with key client contacts, hosting team workshops and developing department initiatives, I cover a lot of ground.”
She will then be followed by Richard Ingilby Client Growth Manager at Ayima, who will be talking about the pillars of PPC.
In his words -
“Previously a paid media director who has been involved with award-winning campaigns across multiple industries, I have moved into a role focusing on wider growth whilst never losing his search-nerd habits and credentials.
My combining years of paid media experience with an unhealthy interest in coding and data science has led to both a part-time master’s degree in the latter and innovative strategies in the former.
I have spoken at conferences such as Brighton SEO and the Sales Innovation expo. I have not yet been heckled off stage, which leads me to hope means something good.”
Finally I will be gracing the stage for this exciting event of ours. I will be sharing my thoughts on how not to approach PPC automation.
I have been doing Paid Search for over 12 years and I love it! I love how it’s evolved, our community and the fact that there’s always something new to learn. I am currently Paid Search Account Director of Marin Software and love speaking to clients about how best they can use our tool to grow their business.
I hope that lineup excites you and if you haven’t already, go and register to attend now! Ticket prices are only £8! Will you get a better deal elsewhere?
GA4 needs to be all on our minds! Some of my clients are even asking us to be the ones who help migrate their analytics to this view which will be our only option next year.
So I am delighted that the fantastic team at The Marketing Meetup are having a webinar on that exact topic today (2pm BST). It is going to be led by analytics expert Mary Owusu MBA who is going to give you the low down on what you need to know about it and how you should be preparing right now.
Register for it here. Video for the replay will also be available on the site.
Platform News📣
Today there is going to be a Google Marketing Live event where Google shares all their ideas and plans for this year. It is quite an exciting time for our PPCChat community as there are lots of things that Google seem to get excited over that don’t directly translate to benefits.
We also have our PPC Mom (Julie Bacchini) - put together bingo card so you can keep track of the things Google mention.
It’s a fun time. The event is going to be at 9am PT, which will be 5pm UK time. So get all your work done by then.
And that’s the PPCChat Roundup update this week. If you have any feedback please send it to with “Newsletter Feedback” in the subject line. I really do want to ensure you are getting news that you enjoy. And if you really did like it, please tell your colleagues, family, friends and pets too. 😉
If you don’t feel you are benefitting from this newsletter as well, click the unsubscribe link below. No hard feelings - I promise.
Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or on LinkedIn
Hope to speak to you in a couple of weeks.
Anu Adegbola aka TheMarketingAnu.
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Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola @themarketinganu

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