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Google Marketing Live, PPC Live UK and more

Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola
And to my UK people who are coming back from a 4 day weekend, are you awake yet?😁 Honest truth - It took me a while to wake up this morning which is why this newsletter isn’t quite hitting you first thing in the morning. Well I hope your coffee has kicked in, you have found many things to be grateful for today already and that you’ve cleared your inbox of all the urgent requests.
This week I will be sharing a lot about one topic - Google Marketing live. We did have two episodes on the #PPCChat Roundup podcast but with Google Marketing live happening at the exact time we usually have our Twitter chat we have two weeks talking on the updates Google shared with us as well as having Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin herself, listening to our reactions and answering some questions. There’s also some juicy search engine at the end. So don’t check out too early. Enjoy!

Why would you pay £800 for an event anymore?
Why would you pay £800 for an event anymore?
#PPCChat Roundup Podcast🎙
As usual since we last spoke, two episodes have been released. The first one was an unusual one. As previously mentioned during the 5pm BST time of our chat two weeks ago, Google Marketing Live was being broadcasted out of the US. As you can imagine as a whole community we were all eager to hear what Google had to say about many of its products and upcoming updates. And avid Twitter users as we are, we had lots of reactions - which is what that week’s episode was about, rounding up the reactions. A lot of our reactions.
It rhymes with eyes. 🇨🇦 🏝️🌲🌴🌊
@PPCKirk there's a reason GML announced the roll-out of search lift studies. It's extremely important, and for G, helps prove why TV $ should move to YouTube. But okay, go off I guess, Google.
Amalia Fowler (she/her)
Taking bets on how many of those 14 case studies will be small businesses. My guess is *maybe* one, and it will be e-commerce #gml #GoogleMarketingLive #PPCChat #GML2022

Also - was that 'listening to you' part also a joke?
Amalia Fowler (she/her)
Is it just me or are none of these updates for Performance Max actually giving additional deep insights (where ads are showing, search terms, etc) #PPCChat #GML2022👀
Kirk Williams 🎙
Haha. Kia was just described as an “Innovative mobile solutions provider”. I mean… they make cars. Which is definitely impressive. But… they’re still cars. 😆 #GoogleMarketingLive #GML2022
The week after, our awesome #PPCChat mom, Julie Bacchini invited on Google Ads Liaison, Ginny Marvin to bravely face our community and answer questions that we had. This was in our usual question and answer format and that episode can be found here.
Some great questions asked by Julie + community and some amazing answers too:
Julie F Bacchini
@PPCKirk @AmaliaEFowler One of my questions for today is about this!

The new Google tag - can you share any more detail about how this will work? Will we have to do anything in Google Ads to update conversion actions to use it?


@NeptuneMoon @PPCKirk @AmaliaEFowler We'll have more to share on the new Google tag soon. It's built on top of the global site tag (gtag.js) & enables privacy-safe measurement and simplifies tagging across Ads & Analytics accounts. If you have gtag.js or GTM, no code changes are required!
Amalia Fowler (she/her)
A3. The depreciation of keywords.

We know it's coming 👀 just a matter of when. But they'd likely not use such a big platform for that announcement. Sneak it into a blog update.

Chris Ridley
A3. I was fully expecting negative keywords for PMax to be announced ("for brand safety concerns").

A boy can dream.

My favourite announcements were on the talk about video being very important, several updates about Performance Max and still there not being enough capability for small businesses as B2B businesses:
Anu aka PPC Live UK founder 🎙️🗣️
Experiments for Performance Max. Sounds good!
PMAX in Opt score 😬

#PPCChat #GML #GML2022
Greg Finn
@TheMarketingAnu They are not really *experiments* as you may think:
Lawrence Chasse
@TheMarketingAnu @NeptuneMoon @heyglenns @beyondthepaid @andreacruz92 This needs more thought than I can do in a couple minutes here, but even small things like B2B audience types.

This is why I wish @MSFTAdvertising would allow us to build LinkedIn ads within the Microsoft tool (with all the targeting options still available).

Anyway - lots of fantastic opinions shared and opportunities for not just Google, but tech companies to continue to push the boundaries of automation.
So please go check those episodes out - there’s lots to learn from them and if you have listened to more than 30 seconds of it, why don’t you take 5 seconds of your time to leave a rating/review?
PPC Live UK🗣
We are well on the way of organising our PPC event. I posted on our LinkedIn page updates of our speakers and some funny memes as to what I feel is a ridiculous high price of £700 - £800 of current PPC events. Surely the market is ripe for events that are within the price range of PPC marketers starting out or small businesses who are learning about Paid Search and don’t have budget for a high ticket event. I think so. Please do give the company page a follow.
We also have the PPC Live UK website up and running. I would really appreciate if you gave it a visit and shared it with your family and friends.
Platform News📣
Some exciting news in the world of Search Engine competition. Google and Bing may not be the the only two major search engines in the market anymore! That could be something.
Julie F Bacchini
Well this is interesting, especially with Apple's event later today...

"SEO tool Ahrefs invests $60M in building creator-friendly search engine, 'Yep'"

Via @TechCrunch

What do you think?
Voila - that’s what my brain has capacity for for this week. 😁 If you have any feedback please send it to with “Newsletter Feedback” in the subject line. I really do want to ensure you are getting news that you enjoy. And if you really did like it, please tell your colleagues, family, friends and pets too. 😉
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Hope to speak to you in a couple of weeks.
Anu Adegbola aka TheMarketingAnu.
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Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola @themarketinganu

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