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Google Analytics 4 - Dealing with the Inevitable, PPC for Lead Gen, PPC Live UK at The Shard

Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola
Welcome to our tenth edition of the #PPCChat Roundup Newsletter - your fortnightly update on the latest of the #PPCChat Roundup podcast, interesting read in relation to the episodes, London’s only locally run and organized PPC-focused event (PPC Live UK), and more on what’s going on in my (Anu) world of Paid Search.
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#PPCChat Roundup Podcast🎙
Again - we’ve had another two weeks of amazing PPC talks - we started about talking Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and the inevitability of it happening no matter how confusing we still find it. Universal Analytics will be sunsetted this time next year so it is about now that you want to have implemented the GA4 tags if you want to ensure you are confident of your year-on-year analysis. Top tips:
Everything shifting around is the biggest frustration. All bookmarked reports - gone!
Doug R Thomas, Esq.
A3. The biggest frustration is moving everything around, because we all had our go-to reports and diagnosis tools, and they genuinely all changed with GA4 without a map to say "here's where this report that you, yeah you, worked all day." #PPCChat
There ARE some cool things to be found in GA4 (with a lot of patience):
Shaun Elley
A4: I have been able to create some cool custom reports that either wouldn't have looked good or may have been impossible in UA.
But 99.9% of the time I can find better / faster answer in UA.
Google needs to first completely develop something - before pushing it out:
Dan Patterson
A5: instead of pushing us all into an incomplete system get it fully developed first! #ppcchat
Our second discussion was an area of PPC that can be largely forgotten PPC for Lead Gen Forms! It’s not always about chasing revenue or ROAS - ensuring that you get quality leads is so important for sales to close. And Google and even Facebook seem to keep forgetting us when it comes to it’s platform updates:
Shaun Elley
A3: Google, Bing & Linkedin (depends on ad type - lead ads have been good recently) typically do the best in terms of CPA but Google always has the upper hand in terms of volume.
Facebook has been terrible recently
Julie F Bacchini
A3.1: Worth mentioning here that search (Google & Microsoft) are capturing demand -people only see search ads when they essentially ask for them.

Other networks, not same dynamic. So criteria should be different in terms of "success".

It rhymes with eyes. 🇨🇦 🏝️🌲🌴🌊
A4: conversion volume. These hugely smart algorithms cannot deal with less than 30 a month. that's nOT hOw LeAdS work!!!! #ppcchat
And that’s our two topics for the past week. I hope you found them useful, especially in setting expectations when it comes to these platforms. Try and test them. There is a lot of change that you need to get used to but the more you test the more you will find cool things that are working for you and your clients.
Please do go check out those episodes - there are lots to learn from them. If you have listened to more than 30 seconds of them, why don’t you take 5 seconds of your time to leave a rating/review?
Relevant Articles/Links📑
PPC Live UK🗣
PPC Live UK at the Shard Promo Video
PPC Live UK at the Shard Promo Video
Check out the video above to see what I have in store for September 29th. hope you can make it. Get your £15 ticket to this fab line-up events at the Shard now.
That brings us to the end of the fun happenings in my PPC world over the past few weeks. If you have any feedback please send it to with “Newsletter Feedback” in the subject line. I really do want to ensure you are getting news that you enjoy. And if you really did like it, please tell your colleagues, family, friends, and pets too. 😉
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Hope to speak to you in a couple of weeks.
Anu Adegbola aka TheMarketingAnu.
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Anu Adegbola
Anu Adegbola @themarketinganu

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