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💰💸💵The Latinx Collective: Special Issue: More Dinero for Latinas

Hi everyone, Welcome to this week’s issue of The Latinx Collective. We normally bring you every day c
The Latinx Collective
💰💸💵The Latinx Collective: Special Issue: More Dinero for Latinas
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #24 • View online
Hi everyone,
Welcome to this week’s issue of The Latinx Collective. We normally bring you every day contributions and achievements of Latinx people, but I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled programming with a special issue: More dinero for Latinas.
Yesterday was “Latina Equal Pay Day.” I think a lot about the narratives and stories being told about the Latinx community - and this was disappointing. Brands were asking us to share cute graphics about how much less we get paid, and business leaders and tech companies pushed PR campaigns (which as a publicist I can smell from a mile away) where they turned things over to their customers by asking them to “imagine what it would be like to be paid ½ of what white men got paid.” I saw no real solutions from employers or business leaders. I even saw a t-shirt being promoted all over social media by celebs (which wasn’t at all tied to a Latina, as far as I can tell) with some proceeds from sales going towards a reproductive health org (not towards getting us paid more). 🤔
So as is my mission with The Latinx Collective, I’m bringing you some resources to make you feel empowered, but I’d also love your thoughts on how we can help Latinas make more money now, and in the near future.
P.S. Write back (or tweet me) and let me know if this inspires you to support a Latina in making more dinero, or if you can suggest other ways to do so. I’d love to share it!
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Elisabeth Rosario

Get practical steps to outsmart the status quo:
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A mini directory of Latina-owned businesses
A mini directory of Latina-owned businesses
So I started to look around for a clean, simple hub that lists an array of Latina-owned businesses and the products and services they offer. I couldn’t find it. So over the past day or so, I started a spreadsheet of Latina-owned businesses and service providers including photographers, DJs, artists, wineries, candle and jewelry makers, travel planners and more. It’s certainly not all-encompassing but at least it’s a start. Feel free to email me with more additions, but in the meantime you can make an immediate difference by finding businesses and products sold by Latina entrepreneurs and paying for them. This directory is just something to get you started but there are tons of other amazing businesses out there. Ask around. Pa'lante!
ASK & OFFER: How can this collective help?
There are tons of smart and talented people in this community. Any advice or resources that have helped you get paid more? Can you share tips around salary or job negotiations, resources, introductions, or reviewing resumes? Better yet, are you a Latina who offers these services? If you’re a Latina who wants to get paid more - what’s your ask? If you’re a friend, family or ally - what’s your offer?
I’ll start with an OFFER: I’ve worked in the communications space for nearly 10 years and I advise tech entrepreneurs on how to craft their message and speak to press and the public. One thing I noticed while curating the directory was that so many small business owners are missing a simple “About Us” page on their website with a short, succinct description of who created the business, what the business is, and what services or products it offers. I’d be happy to do a quick call with any Latina that wants to sharpen up this 3-4 liner. Reply back if this interests you, and we’ll schedule a quick call.
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