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👨🏻🙋🏽👱🏾👩🏾👧🏻The Latinx Collective - Issue #29

Hola bellezas, Welcome to this week’s issue of The Latinx Collective, where we bring you every day co
The Latinx Collective
👨🏻🙋🏽👱🏾👩🏾👧🏻The Latinx Collective - Issue #29
By Elisabeth Rosario • Issue #29 • View online
Hola bellezas,
Welcome to this week’s issue of The Latinx Collective, where we bring you every day contributions and achievements from the incredibly diverse Latinx community.
P.S. I’ve been in Kentucky for the past few days and although I haven’t come across a single other Latino - I have seen a bunch of Mexican restaurants. I haven’t actually eaten at any of them because I’m afraid they won’t be good but I’m now curious about why there are so many of these here…
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Con cariño,
Elisabeth Rosario

(1.) Variety: 8 of YouTube’s Top 10 music videos are en español
(2.) Hacking Finance: What Carlota Perez saw at the revolution
(3.) CBS News:  A record number of Latinos are now in Congress
(4.) Remezcla's Tu Pum Pum: Reggaeton held a major place at the Latin Grammys even while dismissed
Spotlight Series:
I read the YA novel I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter in one day - it’s been on my list for awhile & I’m glad I got to it. The book covers important and timely issues related to mental health, immigration, and religious and cultural issues that first generation Americans face. I definitely identified with the main character as I also grew up with overprotective parents who among other things, didn’t want me attend an out-of-state college (well, they also couldn’t afford it).
The story follows Julia Reyes, a 15-year-old Mexican-American girl growing up in Chicago. After the sudden and tragic death of her sister Olga, Julia is suddenly put on the spotlight, being compared to her sister who was perfect in her parents eyes. But as Julia deals with the grief of Olga’s death, she soon learns that perhaps her sister wasn’t as perfect as she seemed.
Here’s a short review (warning: spoilers). You can purchase it here or at your favorite local book store.
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thank you so much for all of the work you put into this newsletter. The diverse stories you share are always informative and inspiring reads!
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