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The Know Weekly - Issue #9: The best mechanical keyboards for at home use

The Know
The Know Weekly - Issue #9: The best mechanical keyboards for at home use
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Everyone complains about how bad the MacBook keyboard is, but I never really found any issue with it. That is until I tried my first mechanical keyboard a few months ago and am now a total convert.
Why use a mechanical keyboard I hear you ask? Well, the clicking feeling when pressing down a key gives a huge amount of satisfaction, not to mention how much faster typing is - due to the physical shape and spacing of the keys.
But why should I spend $70+ on one? Keyboards are perhaps your most used product on a daily basis (at least at work), so investing a bit of money into something you’ll use almost every single day is well, worth it.
Plus, it’s a fascinating rabbit hole to go down, and you’ll soon be customising macros, looking at building a keyboard from scratch, and coding your own board using QMK (drop me a reply if you want some DIY tips).

#1 Keychron K2 - The best wireless mechanical keyboard for both Mac and Windows: $74
#2 Durgod Tauraus K320 - The best traditional keyboard: $99
#3 RK61 - Very compact and with RGB LED's: $79
A mechanical keyboard is very much worth the investment, and typing on the Keychron (which I’m doing now!) makes writing emails and replying to slack message a bit more bearable!
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