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The Know Weekly - Issue #7: The best notebooks for people in tech & design

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The Know Weekly - Issue #7: The best notebooks for people in tech & design
By The Know • Issue #7 • View online
Welcome to the 7th of 10 free editions of The Know Weekly. Today we’re diving into paper notebooks.
As an avid note taker I’ve tried using pretty much every single app, but nothing beats a notebook. There are three core reasons for this:
  1. Notebooks give you complete freedom to write, draw, and design without any limitations
  2. They are completely unobtrusive in meetings
  3. Writing on paper gives you a break from screens
This first point is self-explanatory, pen and paper is one of the best mediums for creative and strategic thinking. For the second point, if you’ve ever sat opposite someone in a meeting, laptop screen open, and tapping away on their keyboard, you’ll know why notebooks reduce the perceived and physical barrier of a laptop. And with the amount of screen time we all have currently, I’m sure you can see why getting away from your computer makes a lot of sense.
So here are our picks for the best notebooks.

#1 Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted - The best notebook for people in tech, design, and startups: $19
# 2 Field Notes - The best pocket-sized notebook for on the go: $19 for 3
#3 Muji memo pads - For the post it note addict: $3.50 for 2
Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the above notebooks, even whilst quarantined. And if you do, let us know on twitter how you find them! We’re @theknowteam.
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The Know Team
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