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The Edition with TheJuanSC - I’m Re-Writing My Whole Year on Medium

The Edition
The Edition with TheJuanSC - I’m Re-Writing My Whole Year on Medium
By JuanSC • Issue #15 • View online
The Edition with TheJuanSC

The Posts Edition
Call me crazy but I’m doing it. If Taylor Swift can re-record her first six albums, so I can re-write my stories. I’m gonna recover the power that belongs to me. I just think it’s not fair that all the rest of the stories had to pay the price of being banned due to that Crypto story.
I don’t want to repeat myself because I explain it in detail in the following story.
I’m Re-Writing My Whole First Year On This Platform | by J.Cienfuegos | Coffee Times | Nov, 2021 | Medium
But, basically, I’m going to re-write the best stories that you loved the most. I’m going to update them, add some extra details and a fresh perspective, and if I made a mistake about something (like financial analysis) I’m going to fix it.
Let’s make a deal, ok? If you have a favorite story that you want to read it again with updates, let me know which one is. Leave a comment here.
I’m going to give you an exclusive now.
The first re-written story is: How Much Money You Should Save To Retire In Your 30s’. I read a lot of comments from you on this story, you made me smile. You really loved to learn about the F.I.R.E. movement and the four percent rule, even some of you told me that it was a shame that I didn’t mention anything about the Barista F.I.R.E. movement in that story.
So, guess what!? This time I did not just update the data, I added what you wanted about Barista F.I.R.E. And btw, if you’re reading this: Thank you.
As I always say, it’s not financial advice at all. I just share some financial improvement ideas.
About The Blockchain Academy
More exciting news! The Blockchain Academy is back.
The first story it’s finally out!
We’re coming back with one of our favorite cryptos of all time, I’m talking about Chiliz by
The second chapter is going to be exclusively about Chiliz, but we wanted to begin with Fan Tokens since it’s a really huge part of Chiliz.
The biggest football clubs around the world are making partnerships with Chiliz. Lazio was the first team to launch their own Fan Token. This week, Oporto launched their Fan Token in Binance. And there are not just football clubs, there are even nations getting involved with this blockchain.
Argentina just joined, and more nations are going to make partnerships with them. Next year it’s the World Cup in Qatar, and that means that huge things are coming around with Chiliz.
If you love sports, you should definitely check this story out. Again, this is not financial advice. Let’s learn together about Fan Tokens.
What is Fan Token? | The Chain
About Apple
Apple NewsWeek comes loaded with a special review just for you.
I’m talking about Apple Fitness +.
I had not been able to do this review earlier for two reasons:
1. I was doing a training program with Carolina Girvan called Epic III. Surely if you are here you know who I am talking about. From time to time I mention it in these Newsletters. This Sunday the training program ended, so I was finally able to try Fitness +.
2. There was no Apple Fitness + in Spain until recently. So, since I had completed the Epic III program, I decided to jump in and give it a try. And if I tell you the truth, it’s not that bad.
Stay tuned, it will be published in a few hours.
TheJuanSC Edition
This week it has been very difficult for me to keep up with work for personal reasons. A family member came to visit us. I was, among other things, doing local tourism. And I went to a place that is very much worth visiting if you ever come to Barcelona. I’m talking about the Sant Pau Hospital Modernista Campus.
It is an incredibly wonderful place, although it is currently under restoration, for the most part, it is still well worth visiting. It’s a must if you ever visit Barcelona.
I share with you some pictures of the place. Tap the tweet to watch more.
JuanSC | Content Creator 🪴💻
Hospital Sant Pau is an architectural wonder 😍 If you ever come to Barcelona. It’s a must to visit! 👀🔥
Let me share with you a little story about this place:
The Sant Pau Modernist site is a jewel of Modernist architecture, the work of Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Built between 1902 and 1930, it was the headquarters of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau from 1916 to 2009.
In its time, it was an innovation in hospital buildings; an open space, with beautiful buildings, connected to each other through a network of tunnels and surrounded by gardens, with the aim of providing greater comfort to the sick. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.
It is at the opposite end of La Sagrada Familia. Highly recommended.
The World Edition
Last but not least here you have the 3 most exciting news I have read, listened to, or watched this week.
How LAZIO & PORTO Fan Tokens Work?
Apple vs Right to Repair: Part 2!
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Official Teaser | HBO Max
And that’s it guys for this week! 
Have a wonderful weekend! 
Enjoy your readings!
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By JuanSC

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