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The Edition with TheJuanSC - How Was My First Week on Medium!?

The Edition
The Edition with TheJuanSC - How Was My First Week on Medium!?
By JuanSC • Issue #11 • View online
Happy Friday Familia! Here’s your new edition of The Edition: The most relevant stories I have published this week, behind the scenes of my life, and what’s going on in the world right now. Bring that cup of coffee and let’s talk!

The Post Edition
So… the big question here: how was my first on Medium!? Actually, not bad. I’ve published 6 stories so far. And the latest one is having a huge impact on people, a lot of claps, a lot of replies, and a lot of support! I’m feeling really grateful for that.
I promised to tell you everything I have done so far on Medium in order to grow my account, and actually, the story that I mentioned before explains it in detail. Here you have it:
How I’ve Reached Almost 1000 Viewers in My First Week | by J.Cienfuegos | New Writers Welcome | Oct, 2021 | Medium
One thing that I didn’t mention in detail there is that I posted every single story on Twitter, Instagram, and BitClout. And I’m going to give you some extra information that I didn’t tell in the story about my metrics:
These are current metrics on my Medium account after a week. MacO’clock really helped me a lot. And I think it is not a surprise, most of my audience comes from that publication.
So far, I just have asked two publications to add me as a writer: MacO'clock and New Writers Welcome. In the coming weeks, I’m going to ask little by little to add me back to some Publications that I was working with them in the past, but for now, I’m taking it slow. Why…? Because we need to talk…
About Apple
The biggest surprise for all of us was the fact that we celebrated the Apple Event on Monday. And it was on Monday because the Google Event was on Tuesday. I’m not going to talk much about it because I have covered pretty much everything in Apple NewsWeek Special Edition (it won’t be Apple NewsWeek today, just the special edition this week) and because you will have the reviews very soon. So, then we will have a lot to talk about.
Apple NewsWeek Special Edition: The Unleashed Event | by J.Cienfuegos | Mac O’Clock | Oct, 2021 | Medium
I’m also rebranding my platform (now that “the opportunity” showed up), and I’m exploring, making some research, writing, and putting into practice different kinds of topics such as Mindfulness, Healthy Habits, and Productivity. I’m currently learning a lot and I even have created a Planning in Notion according to my work and my lifestyle in order to make my life a little bit easier and simpler. Don’t worry, I will continue talking about Apple, Finances, and Tech, but If you want to learn more about healthy habits and join my journey, here’s the story in detail:
5 Simple Habits You Can Start Today | Motivation
TheJuanSC Edition
About me. Well, compared to last week I’m feeling much better. I was meditating a lot and thinking about what lessons left me with what happened. Listen, at that moment I had two choices: to give up and sulk or to take it as an opportunity, as a new challenge for my life, and start working on it.
I chose the second one.
This week I’ve been a lot in the studio testing the MacBook Pro 14" & 16" with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip, and I can not say much about it yet, but at first, I thought Apple was going after Intel… but I was wrong.
Apple doesn’t see Intel as competition anymore, they’re going after Nvidia! And that’s a huge leap!
That’s the reason why today I haven’t made a Twitch Stream writing this newsletter. I’m currently at the studio, and sadly I can not film here due the reviews we’re making.
Anyway… We’re also testing the new AirPods 3 with the New Voice Plan on Apple Music, and so far they sound really good! Of course, I’m not a music producer or so, but the quality of the AirPods 3 is very similar to the AirPods Pro. The only thing that I miss is noise cancelation.
In other news, this week I finished The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer by Joël Dicker. It’s a really good book, although my favorite one is The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. If you haven’t read yet, I strongly reccomend it.
Currently, I’m reading Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. So far, it’s extremely good! Huge fan.
I’m watching The Morning Show (Season 2) in Apple TV+ and Peaky Blinders (Season 4) in Netflix.
Let’s talk tomorrow, shall we!?
Two weeks ago I made my first Twitter Space with my dearest friend Scott Hickman where we talked for an hour about The FaceBook files and how social media could be harmful for mental health on people.
And tomorrow we’re going to talk about an all new concept called Food Design which is changing the all food experience in Europe. If you’re curious about food, cuisine, design and sustainable habits this is your chance to contribute and ask all your question about it!
Scheduled: 🛰The Outer Space Show🪐 The One About #fooddesign with Elise Coudré
Date: October 23, 2021
Time: Saturday, 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 5pm CEST
The World Edition
Here are 3 stories that you might find joyful:
How To Create Balance And Improve Your Life | by J.Cienfuegos | Oct, 2021 | Medium
What Is COP26 and Why Is the Climate Change Summit Important? - The New York Times
‎Thinking Is Cool: Should you (or...can you) buy a house? on Apple Podcasts
See you next week guys,
Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!🪴🙏🏼
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By JuanSC

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