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My Country Has Bitcoins As Its Currency!

The Edition
My Country Has Bitcoins As Its Currency!
By JuanSC • Issue #4 • View online

El Salvador’s landscape. Source: Twitter
El Salvador’s landscape. Source: Twitter
Hello Medium familia!
The day has come and the world has changed. For the first time in history, Bitcoin is officially a currency somewhere on this planet Earth, and… it’s in my country! WTF!? I was pretty excited that day. I don’t want to get into details because we’re drinking coffee and chill, but to have Bitcoin as a currency it’s a pretty great advantage to any country that adopts it in order to grow their GDP and their economy.
Just let me show you one example of many.
Yesterday I saw this on Twitter. And look what Lina Seiche said, lol.
And, actually… she’s right! Because what this tweet really means is that $400 million extra a year goes for families in El Salvador, instead of Western Union. So, a couple of things to say. First, there is $400 million extra for El Salvador’s economy. Second, this is the impact that generates just one country adopting a cryptocurrency as a legal tender, imagine what will happen when the rest of the countries starting to adopt cryptos as legal tender… And last but not least, there were a lot of people that in the past didn’t have a bank account, therefore they didn’t have the benefits of loan money, save money, invest…etc. And now, in just a blink of an eye, they’re included in the world economy, and now they have access to all the benefits that Banks provide but without having a Bank. Because if you think about it, what we actually need are the bank operations, not the bank itself. And now an entire nation has it, on their phones.
Tic, tac… tic, tac… Banks are gone. It’s just a matter of when.
I wrote an entire story about this historical day and all the benefits that will provide to El Salvador and any country that decide to adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tenders.
Ok, enough of Bitcoin… let’s move on to something really, reallyyyy exciting!!
Apple Event it’s official! And I’m going to make something special this time. Do you want to join and watch it live with me!? I’m gonna be streaming the Apple Event live on Twitch, and you can react and comment with me during the event. The event’s at 10 a.m. PDT but I’m gonna be live a few minutes earlier, most possibly at 9:30 a.m. PDT to comment about everything that I expect to see at the event. Just a hint: Apple Watch Series 7 is one of those things.
I’m going to send you the link before the event guys.
Btw… we already have some information about the iPhone 14! I published a full story about it in case you want to check it out.
We have made some improvements in Modern Life Millionaires!
New logo, new section, and new chapters! In Modern Life Millionaires, you will find some stories called “Did you know…” Basically, there are curious stories about Blockchain, things that people never talk about.
Now, you will know when a new chapter it’s out just by looking at it! Btw… many of you sent me DMs asking me what’s the difference between The Blockchain Academy on Medium and The Blockchain Academy on Substack.
It’s really easy: On Medium, we cover everything from scratch, from zero. So, basically, we talk about Bitcoin and Ethereum, because that’s how it all started.
Bitcoin it’s like gold, it’s a store of value in the Blockchain. And Ethereum it’s the technology of smart contracts that run inside of it. Once we have enough knowledge about the two most important Cryptocurrencies in the world, then we can go further and learn more about the altcoins.
On Substack, we will continue our journey from Ethereum and beyond. It means that we’re going to talk about Ethereum really quick, and then we will talk about the most valuable cryptocurrencies (altcoins) that exist right now, what benefits they provide, what solutions they offer. With that knowledge, you will be able to make smart decisions about them, like, which ones do you want to invest in and have in your portfolio.
One last thing…
This week I began the Epic III program from Caroline Girvan on YouTube. There are 10 weeks of workouts, 50 exercises. If you want to join us in our journey to a healthier lifestyle, I’ll share with you today’s workout. Btw… this is not sponsored at all. I just love her workouts, she really helped me to transform my body, I lost weight, I improved my lifestyle. I’m happier, I’m more relaxed, more confident about myself. So, I’m just sharing my experience, and if you’re reading this and what to improve your lifestyle, don’t hesitate and just do it!!!
There are so many benefits just by working out!
EPIC COMPLEXES - Full Body Dumbbell Workout | EPIC III Day 4
EPIC COMPLEXES - Full Body Dumbbell Workout | EPIC III Day 4
Not convinced yet!? Listen, I was a very insecure person and I had little confidence in myself and “thanks” to the pandemic and a toxic relationship I totally changed my personality and made some self-improvements. Today I am a very self-confident person, my self-esteem is quite high, I am happier, I feel more secure making decisions and I seek the best for myself. I don’t usually talk about such intimate things but here is my testimony, I think it was important to share my story because surely someone else has gone through what I went through and needs to know that they can get out of those adverse situations.
That’s it for today guys!
Stay safe and remember that today is Friday… which means a new Ted Lasso’s chapter is available on Apple TV+! I’m gonna watch it at night with my dinner!
Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Tuesday!
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By JuanSC

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