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Happy Thanksgiving Familia!

The Edition
Happy Thanksgiving Familia!
By JuanSC • Issue #16 • View online
The Edition with TheJuanSC
Holy Smokes! It’s that time of the year: The Christmas season is here, and we’re less than 6 weeks away from 2022! Time really flies!
I wish you a happy Thanksgiving familia! Enjoy with your family, have fun and take care!!! This Edition will be really short.
Let’s do it!

The Post Edition
As I mentioned in a previous newsletter The Blockchain Academy is back, and all the articles are going to be published in Vocal Media. I already published the first story about Fan Tokens.
Vocal is a little bit different from Medium. I can not create my own publication on that platform. Therefore, I’m going to publish all The Blockchain Academy articles in the Vocal community called The Chain.
And not just that.
Two exciting news.
  1. The Blockchain Academy now is going to be called Keeping Up With The Cryptos. Why did I change the name? I tried to recover the publication on Medium but I couldn’t get it back. So, they kept the domain. But, what matters the most here is our community and the content. I let it stay and just changed the name.
  2. Yesterday, I created a Twitter Professional account where I’ll publish all the articles related to The Blockchain Academy. It’s going to be our new home, our community finally is going to have a home. And I’m going to post more things related to cryptos: exciting new projects, latest news, insightful retweets, and much more.
So, please make sure to follow our community and stay tuned. It’s going to be really exciting. I’ll leave you the link here. ⬇️
Keeping Up With The Cryptos (@KeepingCryptos) | Twitter
I also posted a story related to Bitcoin that I thought was really important to share and is the following.
The President Of My Country Announced That He’s Going To Build The World’s First Bitcoin City | by J.Cienfuegos | Nov, 2021 | Medium
It’s been a month since we began our journey on Medium. And I think it’s time to share some metrics.
How I’ve Reached Almost 10,000 Viewers In My First Month | by J.Cienfuegos | Coffee Times | Nov, 2021 | Medium
About The Re-Writing Journey
I’m excited to share with you that I finally brought to life one of your favorite stories! I’m talking about “How much money you should save to retire in your 30’s.” I was looking for the best stories that I published in my previous account and this one was one of The Top. Therefore, I decided to bring it back to life with updates, more content, and insightful information.
This is the first story from my re-writing journey, and so much more are coming soon.
How Much Money You Should Save To Retire In Your 30’s | by J.Cienfuegos | Geek Culture | Nov, 2021 | Medium
TheJuanSC Edition
I don’t know about you but I love this time of the year. It’s my favorite one. It’s that time of the year when we get back together with our beloved ones, and we also remember the ones that are not here anymore. People are happier, the Christmas decorations are amazing, there are a lot of festivals, and even is really cold this season… I just love winter!
Last Wednesday night was the Christmas inauguration here in Barcelona, and it was amazing. I couldn’t take many pictures because it was raining but I will share with you some really cool pictures soon.
[Tap in the following tweet to see more pictures from the Xmas inauguration].
JuanSC | Content Creator 🪴💻
GM Europe, GN America!!!
Happy #Thanksgiving2021 🦃🥳

Christmas season is officially here in Barcelona! 🤩🎅🏼🎄
Last weekend I went to The Crash Weekend 2021 summit. And it was related to the next economic bubble. They talked about the stock market crash that is coming, about Bitcoin and altcoins, about commodities and what should we do to keep our money safe.
Right now I’m writing a special article about everything that I learned at that Summit. I want to share with you every important detail. I’m making a little bit more research before publishing it but hear me out, it’s really valuable information. I’m not giving you any financial advice but I’m giving you all the information you need in order to make smart choices about your money.
Most possibly I’ll publish it next week. I’ll let you know in our Keeping Up With Crypto Community.
And, there’s not much going on right now. It’s time to enjoy yourself with friends and family.
Enjoy the holidays!
The World Edition
Last but not least here you have the 3 most exciting news I have read, listened to, or watched this week.
Keiser Report | HyperBitcoinization in El Salvador | E1778
Bitcoin hits 6-week lows in hours as 24-hour crypto liquidations near $650M
Emily Ratajkowski Is a Work in Progress - The New York Times
See you guys next week! Enjoy the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday! A friendly advice: Don’t spend your money on things you don’t need to buy!
Enjoy this weekend with friends, family, and beloveds.
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By JuanSC

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