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Don't Open It Before Christmas 🎁

The Edition
Don't Open It Before Christmas 🎁
By JuanSC • Issue #20 • View online
The Edition by TheJuanSC 

The Holidays Edition
Hey! Don’t open it before Christmas!
Hello, The Edition Familia! Happy Holidays!
I began to write this letter on Christmas Eve Eve, and I will finish it on Christmas Eve. Hey, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!
This letter is for you.
I just want to wish you a Happy Holidays!
Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you the best and success in 2022.
I love Christmas… a lot! It means a lot to me.
And I want to tell you why.
Before we begin, I want to tell you that none of you have discovered the secret message yet. You’re still on time. The gift will be available until Dia de Reyes [January 6th]. If nobody discovers it, don’t worry it will be accumulative. It means that the next giveaway will have a double surprise.
Ok, so let’s do it, one last time…
For me, Christmas means the happiest day of the year. It’s a day to be generous, to be happy, to gift something, to share with your loved ones! And I think it’s really important to celebrate Christmas, especially in dark times.
2020 and 2021 have been tough years for all of us. And honestly, I don’t see that it’s getting better. I know we are all worried about what’s coming in the next years.
Every day we watch on the news the same topics all over again, repeatedly: the inflation, the vaccines, Omicron, lockdowns, curfew, political wars in Europe, between Russia, China, and The U.S.
When will we get a break from all of this? Right?
That is why I think Christmas is so important. Each generation has a hard time going through. Our grandparents had to live the world wars. I wonder how they have celebrated Christmas during the wars? I think they did it with great fervor and joy.
Joy not because they were at war, but because they needed a ray of light and hope. A pause to celebrate because they are alive, to remember those who are gone, to give thanks for everything they have, to share with those they love.
So we need that too… hope.
You see, Christmas is not about presents.
The Christmas spirit is about way beyond that.
At home, even if some of our friends or family members don’t believe in baby Jesus or Santa Claus, we celebrate Christmas because it’s a beautiful time to spend together by cooking, drinking, telling stories, hugging, kissing, etc.
The goal, the main purpose is to spend time together.
And in the end, that’s why we say “Happy Holidays”.
Because we all are from different cultures, maybe we celebrate Hanukkah, maybe we celebrate Christmas, maybe we celebrate Ashura’s Day, maybe we celebrate the boxing day…
All I want to wish you is a Happy Holidays!
I hope you enjoy these days with your family, your friends, your loved ones.
Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me these years!
Each and every one of you is a valuable member of this community!
Thank you for all the support you give to Apple NewsWeek, thank you for all the love you give to Keeping Up With Cryptos, thank you for being part of The Edition Familia.
I’m taking a pause… I’m going to enjoy the rest of the year with my family. I need to rest, but I’ll be back, stronger than ever.
We have a lot of projects in mind for 2022.
I wish you the best of the best.
Please take care of Omicron, and take all the necessary precautions.
I wish you joy and happiness!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Happy Holidays!
See you at Hogwarts, see you in 2022!
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Official Trailer | HBO Max
Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts | Official Trailer | HBO Max
-“After all this time?”
XoXo TheJuanSC.
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By JuanSC

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