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The Jesse Show - Issue #1

Hi there, everyone. This is Jesse. I am sitting here at my office desk, staring out the window. I can see blue skies, trees, and my neighbor’s car. I wonder what he is doing right now?
Oh well. Probably nothing important.
I am writing to inform you that I am re-branding the show to The Jesse Show. Jesse is my name. And I host a LIVE show on YouTube. So I thought the name was rather fitting. I’m not trying to be clever because we all know that I’m not a smart man. But I thought this would be easy for people to remember. For example, “Who’s that forty-year-old man who has the YouTube show? He speaks in sentence fragments and wears the same shirt every single day because he doesn’t bathe…”
“Oh that’s The Jesse Show. Google it, bitch.”
So there you have it. Be patient please. I am still trying to get everything pulled together because my producer is a moron and he barely wipe his own butthole without getting poop all over his sleeve. I am ordering some stickers and will make sure and give some away to the listeners. And I have a few other things to do as well.
Thanks for supporting the show. And thank you for watching and listening.
If there’s anyone in your life who you think might enjoy the show, please send them a link - preferably to something good and/or funny. But use your best judgement.
Thanks again. I appreciate the hell out of you. Have a great day. I know I will.

Britney Spears and her Booty, Beheaded Bigfoot, and Dog the Bounty Hunter Marries
Britney Spears and her Booty, Beheaded Bigfoot, and Dog the Bounty Hunter Marries
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