Why you need the iPhone 7+ / Coffee is political

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Why you need the iPhone 7+ / Coffee is political
By Coffee Marketing with Jenn Chen • Issue #16

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Last month, when my iPhone Upgrade Program came around to its full year, I debated on whether I should stay with an s model or upgrade to the 7+. I upgraded to the 7+ only for the dual lens. Why would I want to upgrade to a phone that is quite literally the size of my hand?
Under the following circumstances, I would highly recommend that you also purchase one:
  • You are a business owner/sole proprietor who does not have a nice camera
  • You are already considering the iPhone or it’s time to upgrade
  • You have an understanding of basic photography concepts or are willing to learn
  • You have no marketing budget
  • Your marketing is very heavily reliant on social media
Click the link above to see more examples of photos I took with Portrait mode.
Coffee would not exist without politics. I wrote this short blog post after seeing quite a few instances of “stay out of politics!” and “stick to coffee!”
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🌱Plant Update 🍃
This gorgeous parlor palm sits in the corner of my desk and captures light in the most beautiful way. (Taken by & edited on an iPhone 7+)
This gorgeous parlor palm sits in the corner of my desk and captures light in the most beautiful way. (Taken by & edited on an iPhone 7+)
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