Lessons I've learned from 5 years of self-employment

Personal travel update: I just came back from attending two weddings in two weekends (New Orleans &am
May 31 - Issue #24

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Personal travel update: I just came back from attending two weddings in two weekends (New Orleans & then Chicago). And I’m just about to depart for a full vacation in Iceland, plus a trip to Budapest for World of Coffee!

✍️ Thoughts 📸
I recently celebrated my five-year freelance-iversary. This is a pretty remarkable milestone for me and I honestly wouldn’t have thought it’s where I’d end up. I had written this up at the one-year mark and pretty much all of it still applies. There are a few more lessons I’d like to add to it, though.
  1. Celebrate the little things
  2. Say no
  3. Listen to what people say you’re good at
  4. Write/photograph for one person
  5. Give back
Read on for the details of each. Thanks for joining me on this journey!
Mental Health In The Service Industry: Confronting The Stigma
💁 Social Media👨‍💻
How to Craft the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses
Twitter Adds Secondary 'Requests' Inbox for DMs
💻 Digital Strategy 📤
5 Ways to Repurpose Your Top Social Media Posts and Updates
How to Run an Instagram Story Takeover
The Key Elements of a Brand Style Guide (and Why You Need One)
✨ Other Interesting Links ✨
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Garbage Excuses for Why Your Marketing Event Isn't Gender Diverse
Business Travelers Name Their Pet Peeves. We Name the Cures
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