Expo notes from Seattle

Sending this issue out in the week of Expo- please say hi if you're around!
April 19 - Issue #21

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Sending this issue out in the week of Expo- please say hi if you’re around!

✍️ Thoughts 📸
Despite the last couple of months of prep for this week, it’s still been down to the wire for Seattle. I’m heading to SCA Expo and am quite excited to see my other 12,000 best friends in coffee. Okay, I lied, I’m super introverted and will be just as excited to make 20 new friends.
My inspiring friend, Michelle Johnson of the Chocolate Barista, is hosting an all-inclusive pre-expo party. It’s a low-key way to meet some new people and make friends before the show officially begins. Check out her Facebook event here.
Wednesday – Thursday at Re:co Symposium
Thanks to the generosity of S&D Coffee, I am attending this year’s Re:co Symposium as part of their fellowship program. I’m very excited, because there are so many incredible people who attend Re:co every year and I imagine it as a place for inspiring conversations and driving forward movement in the industry.
Friday – Sunday at Expo
Outside of some of the events I’m listing below, you can find me either wandering around with a camera in hand or at the Acaia booth #1927. I’m handling their booth operations this year!
5:30–7 pm Coffee ON-line
A new event for those who create content online! It’ll be an enlightening night.
10:30–11:45 am The Chocolate Barista x The Coffeewoman – Expo panel discussion
I’m on the panel with some other incredible coffee professionals. In this co-hosted event, we’ll be discussing the all important topics of intersectionality as it applies into the specialty coffee industry.
6–9 pm Game & Pizza Night– hosted by me & Greg Loring-Albright at Anchorhead Coffee Shop, 1600 7th Ave.
This event is for the social introverts attending SCA Expo. Casually network with your fellow coffee professionals while playing a board game! This is a laid-back, chill environment.
6–9 pm All-Women Latte Art Competition – hosted by The Coffeewoman and Cherry Roast.
I hope to run into a lot of friends in Seattle!
💁 Social Media👨‍💻
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How Much Should You Pay Social Media Influencers?
💻 Digital Strategy 📤
Social Media vs. SEO: Which is the Best Traffic Source?
✨ Other Interesting Links ✨
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🌱Plant Update 🍃
I have a new camera - the Fuji XPro2 - and I tested it on my split-leaf philodendron. I've divided the plant up (it has doubled in size since I first purchased it), up-potted it twice & it STILL seems intent on taking over that corner of the living room.
What'd you think?
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