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June 10 - Issue #2

Coffee Marketing with Jenn Chen

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Welcome to my coffee marketing newsletter. Sometimes personal, always applicable. Scroll down to learn more about what I’ve been up to & links to the most important social media news.

On my mind recently is the intersection of specialty coffee, gender, and race. The newest issue of Barista Magazine is all about women in coffee. I was interviewed for one of the pieces and I’m humbled to say that conversation and action have already started. I encourage you to read and listen to what’s happening. I believe this industry is only at the beginning of enacting change. But I have confidence in the many empathetic souls in this community who will see this change through to the end.
The Black Cup of Excellence: Being Black in Specialty Coffee — The Chocolate Barista
There Are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here's Why.
More Room to Tweet – Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit
Heads up! Instagram recently limited their API access, which means some of my favorite tools (like IFTTT and Primary) are either dead to Instagram access or dead period (RIP Primary). So if you have any kind of automation right now that is NOT Instagram <> Facebook, then make sure you check those connections!
Coming Soon: New Instagram Business Tools
Instagram Follower Growth, Engagement Continue Trending Down (Study)
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The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing

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