Coffee Marketing - Quick Social Updates

I'm in New York this week, so no new blog post... but there are some great updates in the social medi
Coffee Marketing with Jenn Chen
Coffee Marketing - Quick Social Updates
I’m in New York this week, so no new blog post… but there are some great updates in the social media world! 

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10 Minutes with Coffee Marketer Jenn Chen
Talking how I got into coffee and why I created a sponsorship policy for Acaia. Thanks, Barista Magazine!
Twitter Adds Read Receipts and Link Previews to DMs
Twitter has added a range of new features to their Direct Messaging tools, including read receipts and link previews.
Media Attachments Now No Longer Count Towards Twitter's 140 Character Limit
As had been widely anticipated, Twitter has today officially launched a new set of exemptions to their 140 character limit.
Facebook Live Coming to Desktops, Laptops
Facebook confirmed that it has begun rolling out Facebook Live via desktop and laptop computers.
Instagram Rolls Out Custom Keyword Filter for Comments
This feature lets you list words you consider offensive or inappropriate. Comments with these words will be hidden from your posts.
How to Regram: The Importance of Sharing on Instagram
Learning how to Regram Instagram content can be hugely beneficial to increasing, engaging and building credibility with your brand.
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CMO interview: 5 learnings from Nestle on modern marketing and communications
The importance of storytelling. What shone through is the importance of aligning with consumer needs and values.
How to Improve Social Marketing Results with Scheduling
There’s no denying the importance of social marketing: with social media now ranked the #1 activity for Web users and 93% of marketers harnessing the power of social media for their businesses, it’s never been more apparent that the big social marketing plays a vital role in business strategy.
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