3 Facebook Ad strategies to test for your cafe

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April 5 - Issue #20

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The next time I send this newsletter, I’ll be in Seattle for Re:co Symposium and Expo! If you’re going and we’ve never met, I’d love to meet up in-person. If we’ve met before, I’m all up for a board game night. :)

✍️ Thoughts 📸
There are many different ways you can utilize Facebook Advertising for your coffee business. In this piece, I’m going to provide three strategies on ads you can run for your cafe. I’m focusing specifically on cafes for this piece, because location-based advertising can be incorporated.
Experts predict that 70% of digital advertising’s growth in 2017 will be driven by mobile. In another survey, 76% of users use their Facebook newsfeed to find interesting articles & videos. You want to advertise where you know your customers are. 
The 3 strategies I’ll be covering include:
1) Create a location-based ad
2) Retarget your audience
3) Use detailed targeting

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🌱Plant Update 🍃
On a whim, I bought a packet of wildflower seeds at Lowe's. The last time I grew something from seed was in 3rd grade. So imagine my surprise when I saw these shoots pop up. I have no idea what they are (it was a variety pack), so I'm very excited to see how they grow. Hopefully I don't kill them between now and their bloom!
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