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THCB Reader

October 31 · Issue #134 · View online

Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

This week on THCB Reader, Rosemarie Day and David Johnson are back with part two of their discussion of state-based marketplaces, @RogueRad comments on the rise of hyperbole on MedTwitter, and Kim Bellard reflects on Ai-Da and whether AI can tackle the art as well as the science of medicine.
Now for some interviews–this week there’s lots of content. Jess DaMassa and I have four (yes that’s FOUR) episodes of #Healthin2Point00 for you where we cover lots of deals. Also, on WTF Health, Jess gets the scoop on the Bayer-OneDrop collaboration, and on Medicaid mental health startup Brave Health’s Series B.
#THCBGang this week featured policy consultant/author Rosemarie Day (@Rosemarie_Day1); Queen of all employer benefits related issues Jennifer Benz (@Jenbenz); fierce patient activist Casey Quinlan (@MightyCasey); and Suntra Modern Recovery CEO JL Neptune (@JeanLucNeptune). Great conversation in this one.
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For my health care tidbits this week, I’ve been thinking about patient navigation. The last 15 minutes of #THCBGang had–by coincidence–four cancer survivors & caregivers talking about their experiences. And they suck. By that I don’t just mean the experience of getting cancer sucks but more the experience of dealing with the system is equally trying.
Among the things to be figured out: Does the test I am getting to check I am still in remission put me at risk for more cancer? Which Medicare Part D plan covers the $15k a month drug I need, or can I find out if the patient pharma assistance program will take care of it? And if I essentially quit my job to take care of my parents and–because I am a Columbia trained MD–save the insurance company over $1m in the process, does any of that money come back to me? (You can guess that last answer!).
In recent weeks several cancer navigation services have been well funded. But essentially given the huge amount we spend on cancer and the huge potential savings, it behooves us to provide navigation care equivalent to having a Columbia trained MD directly working for each cancer patient. Hopefully this is something digital tech can help with!
Follow me on Twitter @boltyboy and THCB at @thcbstaff for more similar insights/nonsense (and even the occasional sensible idea)! Enjoy! – Matthew Holt
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One Drop is reimagining chronic condition care. Learn more at
One Drop is reimagining chronic condition care. Learn more at
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Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt
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