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THCB Reader -- July 24, 2021


THCB Reader

July 24 · Issue #126 · View online

Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

In this week’s THCB Reader, Mike Magee argues that Biden needs to take the next step and extend a public health care option, Kim Bellard looks at the nuclear power industry and wonders how they’re out-innovating health care, and Wynne Armand and Christian Mewaldt critique hospitals for not giving employees fossil fuel-free retirement options. 
Now for some interviews. Jess DaMassa on WTF Health chats with Dario Health CEO Erez Raphael about their recent acquisitions of TWO different startups to build out their chronic care platform. Jess also interviews Ginger’s Dr. Dana Udall and Dr. Dena Scott about their launch of ‘Ginger for Teens’ amid what’s being called a teen mental health crisis.
We also have two episodes of Health in 2 Point 00 for you this week where we cover lots of deals and Jess getting her Twitter account back. Meanwhile, on Thursday’s episode of THCB Gang, I was joined by regulars: patient safety expert and all around wit Michael Millenson (@MLMillenson); fierce patient activist Casey Quinlan (@MightyCasey); and futurist Ian Morrison (seccurve). Click here to see it.
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Policies|Techies|VCs: What’s Next For Health Care? is the conference bringing together the CEOs of the next generation of virtual & real-life care delivery, and all the permutations thereof. You can register here or learn how to sponsor.
This week we added even more new speakers including Clarify Health’s Jean Drouin, Ada Health’s Daniel Nathrath, Privia Health’s Shawn Morris, Ro’s Zachariah “Z” Reitano, EverlyWell’s Marisa Cruz, Medically Home’s Rami Karjian and Innovacer’s Abhinav Shashank. And telling us about the FDA’s regulations on Digital Health, we have the key man there – Bakul Patel
Next week we’ll replace our preliminary agenda of fascinating debate-style panels with the final line-up. Please visit our website What’s Next For Health Care to see previously announced speakers including Glen Tullman, Jonathan Bush, Julie Yoo & 60 + more! (We’re going to top out at 100+). It really is the best of the best!
This week we are thrilled to announce conference sponsors including Merck GHIF, Crossover Health, Newtopia, Transcarent and Zus – and we will announce more next week. We are building to the crescendo for the best new conference in Digital Health. You don’t want to miss it!
In this week’s health care tidbits, we are talking about medical debt. Oh, not all medical debt. No, not that debt being garnished from the wages of health care workers by their own employers. Today we are just discussing the debt that has already gone to collections. Yes, the debt sold off by doctors and hospitals for pennies on the dollars so that debt collectors can hound people until they pay or despair.
This week a Harvard/Stanford team reported that the total in collections is $140 Billion! Way more than anyone thought, Nearly ONE in SIX Americans currently has a medical bill in collections. No prizes for guessing that those most likely to be being pursued are living in the poorest zip codes in the country and even more likely to be in a southern state that never expanded Medicaid.
Glad we are all proud to be American.
Follow me on Twitter @boltyboy and THCB at @thcbstaff for more similar insights/nonsense (and even the occasional sensible idea)! Enjoy! – Matthew Holt
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July 19, Mike Magee
On Friday, July 9th, President Biden signed a far-reaching executive order intended to fuel social and economic reform, and in the process created a potential super-highway sized corridor for programs like universal healthcare. What Biden needs to do now is double-down on the provision of direct benefits to our citizens themselves.
July 21, Kim Bellard 
If we can replace massive nuclear power plants with micro-reactors that can fit in a suitcase or shipping container, we can do better than micro-hospitals that just look like scaled down hospitals. When the nuclear power industry is out-innovating healthcare, it’s a good sign that healthcare is way off-track.
July 23, Wynne Armand and Christian Mewaldt
With heat waves scorching across the country, all eyes are on climate change. In this article, Drs. Armand and Mewaldt argue that hospitals undermine our duty to our patients by not offering fossil fuel-free retirement fund options.
One Drop is reimagining chronic condition care. Learn more at
One Drop is reimagining chronic condition care. Learn more at
#Healthin2Point00, Episode 224 | b.well, Quit Genius,, Sweetch, Kno 2, and Healthify.Me
#Healthin2Point00, Episode 223 | Carbon Health, Woebot, Eight Sleep, Aidoc, and OM1
Ginger for Teens Puts “Full-family Approach” to Mental Health Care in Hands of Employers
Nasdaq's Dario Health ($DRIO) Does Double Acquisition to Build-out Chronic Condition Care Platform
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Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt
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