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THCB Reader - Issue #53


THCB Reader

April 9 · Issue #53 · View online

Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

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On today’s edition of the THCB Reader: Jeffery Hogan and Brian Klepper argue health plans need to support independently owned practices to help keep them in service amidst COVID-19; Grace Cordovano explains why people should be wearing masks and breaks down proper guidelines for removing them safely; and Mike Pappas, an NYC Physician, criticizes the corporate elite who have benefited from the capitalistic system that helped create the pandemic. On THCB Spotlights, Jess and I talk to Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman of Livongo, about how the pandemic will change the health tech market & more. On the WTF Health Show, Jess speaks to Rahul Rajkumar, Chief Medical Officer of BlueCross of NC, about their strategy behind the decision to “flip the switch” and reimburse telehealth visits. Also, remember to tune in LIVE today at 1PM PT/4PM ET for Episode 4 of THCB Gang! Joining me today are Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Saurabh Jha, Anish Koka, Elizabeth Clayborne, and Ian Morrison. Enjoy! – Matthew Holt

April 9, Jeffrey Hogan and Brian Klepper
Among its less appreciated but more worrisome impacts, COVID-19 threatens to destabilize America’s health care provider infrastructure. With patients avoiding in-person visits and nonessential care, the concern is that many practices will be financially unable to keep the doors open. To keep health care services readily available through this crisis and beyond, we need health plans to provide bridge financing, advancing operating funding for 120 days and paying for telemedicine at the same rate as in-person visits.
April 7, Grace Cordovano
As a country, we have lost almost 11 weeks for providing education to bridge gaps in health literacy on proper use of items like masks and gloves. This is a national call-to-action for all those isolating at home to actively help make a difference in protecting yourself and society by helping make homemade masks. Grace explains why we should be wearing masks now, explains the difference between the types of masks, provides resources on how to make them, and breaks down proper guidelines for wearing and removing them safely. It’s time to #UnblockHealth by wearing handmade masks.
April 6, Mike Pappas
NYC physician Mike Pappas criticizes capitalism and the “all in this fight together” mantra which the corporate elite like to claim. This pandemic is exposing many contradictions within our system and as such, Mike argues that the millionaires and billionaires are trying to position themselves as everyday Americans when in fact, they have been the beneficiaries of the capitalist system that helped create this crisis.
Livongo is working to #SilenceNoisyHealthcare. Visit for more details.
Livongo is working to #SilenceNoisyHealthcare. Visit for more details.
The THCB Gang Episode 4, (LIVE Today at 1PM PT/4PM ET) - The Health Care Blog
THCB Spotlights: Glen Tullman, Executive Chairman of Livongo
THCB Spotlights: Glen Tullman, Livongo
Blue Cross NC Chief Medical Officer on “Flipping the Switch” To Telehealth at Parity | WTF Health
Blue Cross NC Chief Medical Officer on "Flipping the Switch" To Telehealth at Parity | WTF Health
The Health Data Goldilocks Dilemma: Sharing? Privacy? Both? - The Health Care Blog
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