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THCB Reader - Issue #14

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THCB Reader

July 18 · Issue #14 · View online
Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

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On today’s edition of the THCB Reader: Andrew Mulcahy addresses the lawsuit filed by 44 states against major drug companies for conspiring together to control & inflate generic drugs’s prices; William Bestermann comments on the landmark Danish study that shows the ambitious goal of extending human life by 8 years, with lifestyle interventions & a few medications, is possible; and Hans Duvefelt speaks about the prevalence of gun violence and the fear it has brought to the clinical world. On Episode 88 of Health in 2 Point, Jess & I discuss the multiple IPOs occurring in health tech today- Matthew Holt

July 12, Andrew Mulcahy
A massive lawsuit filed in May by 44 states accuses 20 major drug makers of colluding for years to inflate prices on more than 100 generic drugs, including those to treat H.I.V., cancer and depression. If true, the alleged behavior is not just a violation of antitrust law, but also a betrayal of the government policies that created and defended the entire generic drug industry. 

July 11, William Bestermann
Twenty-one years of follow-up comparing usual care with a protocol-driven team-based intervention in diabetes proved that healthy life in humans can be prolonged by 8 years—at a lower per patient per year cost. Researchers have been confident that we will soon be able to prolong a healthy life. This landmark study shows that the ambitious goal can be achieved now with lifestyle intervention and a few highly effective proven medications. 

July 16, Hans Duvefelt
A woman complaining of chest pain and her husband refused to leave the hospital after being seen by a doctor. But in this age of school, workplace, and church shootings, we are always reminded not to bring people inside the “secure” areas of our clinics who don’t have an appointment or a true medical emergency. Dr. Duvefelt wishes the world wasn’t the way it has become in just a few years, with more concern for bolted doors, gun violence, and mass shootings than simple customer relations.
Livongo is working to #SilenceNoisyHealthcare. Visit for more details.
Livongo is working to #SilenceNoisyHealthcare. Visit for more details.
Health in 2 Point 00 | Episode 88, IPO Mania!
Health in 2 Point 00 | Episode 88, IPO Mania
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