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THCB Reader - Issue #13

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THCB Reader

July 11 · Issue #13 · View online
Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

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On today’s edition of the THCB Reader: Saurabh Jha addresses his concerns over people in India leaving medicine due to the growing rates of mob violence seen against doctors by angered family & community members; Adrian Gropper suggests that a national patient identifier could in fact reduce health care costs and increase transparency, competition, & innovation in the space; and Mike Magee argues that Medicare, for everyone that wants it, won’t have trouble defeating its counterpart in the private market, but for it to deliver high quality and efficient health care, a lot more work needs to be done. In video, Jess speaks to Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Marketing & Design Officer of Veritas, about their genotyping technology & user-friendly approach.- Matthew Holt

July 10, Saurabh Jha
The strike by doctors in Calcutta in protest of a junior doctor seriously injured by an angry family of a seventy-five-year-old patient who passed away, is just the tip of the iceberg. If mob justice continues unabated, medicine will become even less popular and fewer doctors will elect to help the sickest and most disenfranchised in India.  The mobs will turn even more viciously against the few brave doctors who remain in government-run hospitals, brave enough to weather their expectations.

July 9, Adrian Gropper
Although obscure, national patient identifier standards can help clarify the role of government in the debate over how to reduce the unusual health care costs and disparities in the U.S. system. With health care waste and fraud running at about $1.5 trillion or 6 percent of GDP, the debate over a national patient identifier should not be about the process of patient matching but over the path to increased transparency, competition and innovation.

July 8, Mike Magee
In the 2nd night of the Democratic Primary debate on June 27, 2019, Pete Buttigieg was asked whether he supported Medicare-For-All. He responded, “I support Medicare for all who want it.” Buttigieg is right in suggesting that Medicare, extended to all comers, will have little difficulty competing with private plans and their purposeful complexity. But to achieve the desired outcome of high quality, low variability and efficiency, our nation needs to do more.
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The Future of Genome Sequencing | Veritas Chief Marketing & Design Officer, Rodrigo Martinez
The Future of Genome Sequencing | Veritas Chief Marketing & Design Officer Rodrigo Martinez
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