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THCB Reader -- Aug 7, 2021


THCB Reader

August 7 · Issue #128 · View online

Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

In this week’s THCB Reader, Kim Bellard finds himself writing about the metaverse - again - after its spotlight in the news lately, and Hans Duvefelt muses on the way primary care has changed.
Now onto some interviews, Jess DaMassa on WTF Health interviews Rachel Yap Martens of OneDrop about their upcoming biosensor launch. She also sits down with YourCoach’s CEO Marina Burokhovich and COO Eugene Burokhovich to discuss the market opportunity between health care and wellness. Next, on THCB Spotlights, I speak with Shahram Seyedin-Noor, GP of Civilization Ventures, about the niche that they occupy in catering to a new type of life science entrepreneur. We also have an episode of Health in 2 Point 00 where Jess and I cover lots of deals including Anthem, Humana and a software company teaming up to launch a PBM - DomaniRx.
No #THCBGang this past week as I was on vacation, and I’m off to HIMSS this week, so it’s turning into a bit of a summer lull. Don’t forget to listen any time you can subscribe to #THCBGang and #Healthin2Point00 podcasts with an easy click on Apple or Spotify.

Policies|Techies|VCs: What’s Next For Health Care? is the conference bringing together the CEOs of the next generation of virtual & real-life care delivery, and all the permutations thereof. You can register here or learn how to sponsor.
This is a big week. We are just under 4 weeks out and have a ballin’ agenda with over 100 speakers! The keynotes include government officials from the 3 most important agencies for digital health –Pauline Lapin (CMS), Micky Tripathi (ONC) & Bakul Patel (FDA). But wait there’s more! Keynotes from techies Glen Tullman (Transcarent), Sean Lane (Olive), Jonathan Bush (Zus Health), Jeff Dachis (One Drop) & Andrew Dudum (Hims & Hers). And we’re not forgetting the VCs sprinkled through the program, with a keynote from Andreesen Horowitz’s Julie Yoo. Please look at the agenda for 20 power-packed panels and then sign up!
New sponsors this week are Avaneer Health (our diamond sponsor), exclusive agency sponsor 120/80, Big Health and Aetion. They join Transcarent, Merck GHIF, Crossover Health, Zus Health, Lark & Newtopia - a few more to come there too! Many of them will have sessions we’ll announce soon.
It’s going to be a great conference–no need to leave your seat as it’s happening virtually September 7-10. Reg prices go up Aug 13 so don’t delay!
For my health care tidbits this week, I’m still going to HIMSS. Yes the conference in going to take place this week in the COVID hotspot of Las Vegas. Everyone has to be masked all the time. Everyone has to prove they are vaccinated, and by using the ridiculously hard to use CLEAR app as well–no using the actually functioning state of CA app! No video interviews on the floor allowed (so Jess DaMassa took a pass). And many companies including Olive, Medicomp, AmWell, Athenahealth, Intersystems and more have pulled out or cut back.
So why am I still going?
Well first, I trust the science, Breakthrough infections of the fully vaccinated are very very rare and very unlikely to result in serious consequences. (I actually got sick my last time in Vegas basically from second hand smoke!). But secondly, it’s time for those of us who are vaccinated to try to re-engage in society. I want to see some old friends and I want someone else to buy my drinks. And hopefully to learn a little more about what’s happened the last 18 months outside of my home office!
Follow me on Twitter @boltyboy and THCB at @thcbstaff for more similar insights/nonsense (and even the occasional sensible idea)! Enjoy! – Matthew Holt
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Aug 3, Kim Bellard
The Metaverse is in the news with Mark Zuckerberg gushing about its importance lately—and Kim is worried that health care is going to be late to the party. Not only will the metaverse be the next generation of the internet, but it’ll also be the next computing platform, according to Zuckerberg. So, what could this look like in health care?
Aug 2, Hans Duvefelt 
Primary care has changed fundamentally since Hans started out. There is more and more of a mismatch between what we were envisioning and trained for and what we are now being asked to do. Now, the call to primary care must be to do what we can in the moment for each patient, regardless of the system and the circumstances.
One Drop is reimagining chronic condition care. Learn more at
One Drop is reimagining chronic condition care. Learn more at
One Drop's Minimally-Invasive Biosensor Is Coming (!) & It Nestles Into an Expansive Data Platform
#Healthin2Point00, Episode 226 | DomaniRx, Connections Health Solutions, Veda, and Connie Health
THCB Spotlights: Shahram Seyedin-Noor, GP of Civilization Ventures
The Rise of the Health Coach: YourCoach.Health on Market Opportunity Between Healthcare & Wellness
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Matthew Holt
Matthew Holt
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