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A THCB Sponsored Message: Explore Direct Primary Care next week at Hint Summit 2D

This is a sponsored message from THCB. We send these out occasionally to help pay the bills, and if y

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September 18 · Issue #77 · View online
Everything you always wanted to know about the health care system. But were afraid to ask.

This is a sponsored message from THCB. We send these out occasionally to help pay the bills, and if you’d like to do the same thing please email us.
Hint Health is hosting a virtual conference, Hint Summit 2D, on September 24-25th, where hundreds of practitioners, clinicians, benefits advisors, TPAs, and others are coming together virtually for an event centered around Direct Primary Care.

Do you use your car insurance to pay for gas or oil changes? How about your homeowners insurance to pay for paint? Then why do you use health insurance to pay for predictable primary and preventative healthcare services? 
In primary care, insurance doesn’t behave like actual insurance. Instead, it is an unnecessarily complicated billing system designed to obfuscate real prices, while standing in the way of the doctor-patient relationship and quality of care.
A growing number of forward-thinking physicians, nurses, benefits advisors, TPAs, and employers are adopting a simpler, more direct model to pay for primary care known as Direct Primary Care (DPC). According to Hint Health, the leading DPC administration software company, over 3,000 primary care physicians are practicing medicine in a DPC model in over 2,800 clinical locations in the United States. 
DPC is centered around removing third-party barriers—namely insurance—to the doctor-patient relationship in order to achieve happier & healthier patients AND clinicians. DPC practices charge a flat recurring patient membership fee (~$70 on average) in exchange for unrestricted access to primary care. No copays. No deductibles. And DPC also frees physicians from the administrative burdens of the fee-for-service system. 
So if this all sounds great (or too good to be true), Hint Health is hosting a virtual conference called Hint Summit 2D, on September 24-25th, where hundreds of primary care practitioners, clinic owners, innovative benefits advisors, disruptive TPAs, and others in the direct care ecosystem are coming together online for an inspiring and refreshing event centered around DPC.
The Hint Summit 2D program will deliver insights from over three dozen forward-thinking speakers, interactive marketing & sales workshops, and structured networking activities to help you connect with DPC clinicians and potential demand-side partners.
Register before prices go up on Monday, September 21.

I hope to see you there.

Yours in health,
Zak Holdsworth
CEO, Hint Health

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