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The First Mint Newsletter recaps the best from the NBA Top Shot and TFM community with an occasional sprinkle of cool NFTs.

The First Mint Newsletter recaps the best from the NBA Top Shot and TFM community with an occasional sprinkle of cool NFTs.

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Gifting Gone Wild 🎁

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Hope you all had an excellent weekend!One of my favorite days of the year (the NBA Draft) came and went on Thursday, and much to my dismay — it was a relatively chaos-free night! There were only a few small trades, with the most drama…


A Legendary End to S3 📦

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Happy Wednesday — a new day of the week for us with some changes to the content schedule! Shout out to our TFM squad currently rampaging through NFT NYC, which looks like an awesome time:


Top Shot Enters the Offseason 🗓

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Hope you all had an excellent week! Apologies for not gracing your inbox on Thursday — my wife and I came down with COVID (again) after attending a wedding last weekend and have been down bad! Stay healthy out there. Also, congratulat…


Courtside With Roham 📺

What's up everyone - it's LG!Wanted to take a second to plug the latest pod. With crypto (and most markets) in the dump, I didn't want to focus on more doom and gloom. Rather, I wanted to think further ahead, to how the next wave of adoption will happen in th…


Crafting (Finally) Commences 🎉

GM, NFT Squad! Cheers to the weekend! It's been a pretty rough week in the traditional markets, and Friday brought even more pain — with reports of inflation rates in the US rising to 40-year highs. And those negative macro trends led to even more pain in the…


Today, We Craft 🔥

GM, NFT Squad! Hope your week has been a great one — and that you had some magic luck in the pack drop on Tuesday! I struck out in both queues, and for the first time in a while... Had some Top Shot FOMO! Unrelated — this was some hilarious NBA Finals naming …


It's Showtime 🤩

Good Morning, NFT Fam! Hope you had a great weekend! We've got a series in the NBA Finals, with the Warriors bouncing back to even things up at 1-1. And much of the energy shift can be attributed to Draymond Green, who spent most of Game 2 roughing things up …


Magic On The Mic 🎤

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Cheers to the weekend! Hope you had an amazing week, and had some luck in the queues yesterday across the many drops we saw on both NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day! Let's get into all the action from the last few days:


Crafting Is Coming 🔨

Good Morning, NFT Fam! Happy Thursday — and happy start of the NBA Finals!!!!!


Rent Your Top Shot Moments 💸

GM, NFT Team! Hope you had an excellent weekend, and a great Memorial Day to our readers in the US! The NBA Finals are set, and congrats to Boston Celtics fans out there on a hard-earned victory in Game 7. I think the better team definitely won, but man, Jimm…


An Offer You Can Refuse 👋

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Happy Weekend — hope you all had a great week! The Warriors are back in the NBA Finals, for the sixth time in the last eight years — an absolutely insane achievement. It also feels like it's been longer, with COVID / the bubble and Kl…


Top Shot With Friends 🤝

Good Morning, NFT Goblins! Hope you've had a great week! If you didn't get the reference above — a free mint called has collectively taken a frightened NFT market by storm over the past few days. The project features some heinous art (so ugly i…


A Magic Monday 🪄

GM, NFT Warriors! Hope you had an awesome weekend, and some luck in the queue for those who lined up for the Playoff Pack Drop!In the NBA world, Golden State has that championship swagger right now — which is pretty remarkable given the aging core, Klay's rec…


A Roller Coaster Week In Top Shot 🎢

Good Morning, NFT People! Hope you've had an excellent week! We've had a whirlwind of announcements on Top Shot and the broader FLOW ecosystem this week — so buckle up, keep all hands and feet inside the Newsletter at all times, and let's get into all the act…


Top Shot Score Is Here 🔢

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Hope your week has been a great one! Lots to digest in the Top Shot world after a major announcement, so let's dive right into all the action from the last few days:


Limping to the Series 3 Finish Line 🏁

Good Morning, NFT Friends! Hope you all had an excellent weekend! An interesting set of blowout Game 7s — with Boston and Dallas taking care of business in decisive fashion (sorry to the Suns fans out there, who had Luka smiling his way through an absolute de…


A Younger Marketing Machine 📺

GM, NFT Squad! It's the freakin' weekend! Hope you all had an excellent week — and caught some of the AMAZING basketball we've gotten the past few days. With both the Celtics/Bucks and Suns/Mavericks heading to Game 7s on Sunday, I know what I'll be doing all…


The Series 3 MVP 🃏

GM, NFT fam! Happy Thursday!Hope you are all doing OK during this rough stretch in the crypto and NFT market — a time that has been stressful and unsettling for many. This has been one of the most brutal weeks in crypto history — and the scariest part is the …


A New Moment Memento 🎤

Good Morning, NFT Squad! I'm back, baby!


Series 4 WNBA Roadmap 📦

What's up everybody, it's LG here, taking over the newsletter for your weekend edition. Where's Zach you might ask? That mofo is away at his bachelor party, so let's hope he keeps it responsible out there.