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Your Run It Back Primer 📜

The First Mint
The First Mint
Featuring Drop Details, Archive Airdrops, RIB Discussion and More

GM, NBA Top Shot Weekend Warriors! Happy Saturday! Hope you had an excellent weekend (did anyone catch the Bulls first two preseason games? Championship contenders, change my mind!) — let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
P.S. — if you missed Thursday’s TFM Live, it was a fun one! We had Tools of Rock on to talk the newest developments in their project, AFL star Christian Pettracca, and other members of the community.
Full replay here, and a TOR giveaway for our community (deadline today).
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Run It Back Hype ⏮
We got some major news regarding the highly anticipated Run It Back packs, including player reveals, drop date, Collector Score requirements and more.
⏳RUN IT BACK 05-06⏳


🔹When: October 14th
🔹Price: $169
🔹1 RIB / 4 Archive

🚦Q1 / 10am / CS 10k / 6k Packs
🚦Q2 / 12pm / CS 2.5k / 16k Packs
🚦GQ / 2pm / CS 100 / 22.5k Packs

Rebound "Archive Packs"
😱Momes from 05-06 + 13-14😱
Full details via the Top Shot blog.
With Shaquille O'Neal recently wading his way into the NFT waters, it will be interesting to see which legends start their Top Shot collections alongside this drop (Dwayne Wade already seems to be the face of the set).
These packs should be a hot commodity, and at $169 price point should be very EV+ for those lucky enough to snag one.
My mind is blown with excitement:
Archive Airdrop ✈️
The Run It Back details weren’t the only spicy action we got regarding the upcoming drop — airdrops are incoming!

If you own a 2013-14 RUN IT BACK Moment⏳, you will be receiving an 🧰ARCHIVE SET PACK🧰

📦No details yet on WHAT these moments are, but they are COMMON, and will be IN the 05-06 packs.

📸Snapshot was 9am PDT today

Full Blog:
If you’ve gone deeper down the NFT rabbit hole, you’re probably familiar with the airdrop term — a way of rewarding existing holders and trickling value down from within the community. In this case, those who held Series 1 Run It Back moments as of Friday morning will be receiving an ‘Archive Set’ pack, which will act as a new Common tier of RIB moments. More from the blog:
The Archive Set, in a way, is designed to be our core Base Set for historical Moments. Many players will have historical Moments in both the Rare and Common tiers, and the Archive Set will be a growing set consisting of Moments from years we “Run It Back” to. 
Please note, there will be a second drop of Archive Set packs coming in a few weeks, and those packs will contain some Moments from players that will also have Rare Run It Back Moments dropping next week. It’s safe to assume that most players will have a Run It Back and Archive Moment from the same season over time.
The decision to create Common RIBs was definitely a polarizing one when it was announced, so it will be interesting to see community sentiment to this news.
Personally, I love the idea of the airdrop — as Top Shot can often feel less ‘NFT’ when it comes to providing direct value for its holders (outside of the IRL experiences so far).
However, the Archive Set worries me — Run It Back felt like such an elite set, and diluting that with more moments of those historic players at high mint counts will lessen the shine of the collection as a whole, in my humble opinion. The idea of only having one Tim Duncan or Dirk Nowitzki moment on the platform felt like a ‘grail’ type feature of a collection. If there are more moments of those players added, and some coming in at 10-20K mint, it just makes them all feel a bit less special.
Archive Set packs will also act as the rebound opportunity for those that miss on the RIB drop, and a second Archive drop will also be coming in a few weeks (according to the blog).
Another interesting note:
Please note: we are planning to release Legendary historical Moments on Top Shot in the future. We are considering several themes here including Legendary sets featuring Moments exclusively from the NBA Finals, as one example. 
Want to hear more discussion on the news? We held a Twitter Spaces Friday to break it all down — listen to the recording here.
Me, running into the Priority Queue drops (just to potentially get hurt three straight times):
Around The First Mint 🗣
Did you know that Flow Fest was coming? Now you do! We’re back in action on Thursday, October 7th for another episode of TFM Live. We’re joined by JJ Lane from Tools of Rock for some updates on their project + a brand new tool is being released by Livetoken! Talking FLOW Fest!
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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