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Good Morning, NFT Goblins! Hope you’ve had a great week!
If you didn’t get the reference above — a free mint called has collectively taken a frightened NFT market by storm over the past few days. The project features some heinous art (so ugly it’s… good?), a relatable and meme-able storyline during a bear market, and several ridiculous Twitter Spaces:
Idk what’s more crazy, the people who are on stage making random goblin sounds. Or the fact that there are 1,000+ people listening to it 😵‍💫
Maybe we’ve all lost our collective minds, or maybe culture is just built differently in Web3!
Either way, these things have soared to a 1.8 ETH ($3500 USD) floor as of this writing. I have none, and have watched with shock since mint. The Goblins have won, long live the Goblins.
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Top Shot With Friends 🤝
In an update that is about a year and a half overdue, Top Shot released a ‘Refer A Friend’ Program on Wednesday, rewarding users with $15 in Dapper credit for signing up new collectors to the platform.
According to LiveToken’s metrics, Top Shot has been adding around 100-200 users a day of late, so it’ll be interesting to see what that number looks like following this new incentive.
Also if anyone wants to sign up… Let’s be best friends! (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, be careful on the TS streets)
Multi-Accounting Moves 🤖
Speaking of ‘friends’… Top Shot released some new updates regarding combating multi-accounting on the platform, including some new KYC requirements for new users:
Starting in June, as a requirement before all new accounts’ first purchases, identity verification will be required to minimize multi-accounting and promotional abuse. Within a few weeks, we’ll have a more efficient/less invasive identity check process for new accounts created in the United States. Due to the volume of accounts with unusual behavior created overseas, international collectors will have a stricter identity verification process requiring an ID.
This is another move that is long overdue — with many in the community clamoring for stricter measures for new signups for over a year.
Exploiting the new user funnel feels like the primary way bad actors easily beat the system — so I’m glad to see action finally taken on that front! I can also see Dapper’s side as well —  ID verification is a cumbersome and crappy experience for a new user — so hopefully the new format will be quick and painless to avoid any additional friction.
That being said, it also adds another confounding variable to the ‘new user’ signup data — so who knows where those numbers go from here!
The accounts that do get frozen will have their moments sent to The Locker Room — so we could see some juicy #FraudPacks coming to a drop near you soon!
Challenge Corner 🏆
Flash Challenge: Crowd Control
  • Reward: 2022 NBA Playoffs RD2 Common Pack (Rookie), KD Certified Pack (Veteran)
  • Deadline: TODAY at 10 AM PST
WNBA Flash Challenge: Living In the Paint
  • Reward: Jewell Lloyd Rise With Us S4 Moment
  • Deadline: Monday, May 30 @ 10 AM PST
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The First Mint is joined by Ars0nic and Carol Trang this week as we catch up on the NFT industry, and decide the winner of our $FLOW PFP contest.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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