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Good Morning, NBA Top Shot Squad! Happy Tuesday — hope you had a fun-filled weekend (I spent most of mine on the couch watching football). Let’s get into all the action (or lack thereof) from the last few days in Top Shot:
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Market Movers 😴
It’s been a VERY quiet few weeks in Top Shot, with the only new content coming in the form of WNBA Showcase Challenges. And the market is a bit flat with the lack of excitement. Data, via @steefcrypto:
Your weekly @nbatopshot market update:


🏀 Both markets down slightly on low volume w/ very little happening atm
🏀 New users w/ one moment continues steady climb
🏀 Wen RIB?

Data via @EvaluateMarket & @cryptoslamio
Wen RIB indeed, Steef. There has to be new content coming soon, right? Right? No offseason?! Run It Back? Rake Back? Trade Tickets?
I have no doubt we’ll see big things coming in the next several weeks, but man it is quiet right now! Let me break out my Trae Young GIF again to will some content into existence:
Make Your Own Utility 🛠
There has long been talk of full set holders (outside of Cool Cats) eventually receiving special perks and utility. And while Top Shot has not committed to anything on that front, the users themselves have taken matters into their own hands.
Groups like @lukkabeast11 ‘s Seeing Stars discord (detailed on the TFM Live Show a few weeks ago) have helped unite set holders and spur some excitement around non-NLL groups:
Make Your Own Utility🛠️

Pioneered by the @NineLivesLounge😼, it's great to see Team/Set sub groups take action during the @nbatopshot off season:

💣Throwdowns #WolfPack w/ @veerman
🌟Seeing Stars Monstars w/ @Lukkabeast11
🦖Top Shot Raptors Crew w/ @CooshTj

Who else?
I’d venture to guess that once teams start really getting involved, the sky is the limit for what being a set-holder could bring. Easy example: Own the full Chicago Bulls team set? Get a free Bulls jersey of your choice ( I’ll take one fresh Alex Caruso jersey, please!)
With how few full set holders there currently are, and how much money the NBA/Dapper has in the war chest, easy initiatives like this would go a long way toward promoting fandom and rewarding holders.
First Mint Merch 👕
Our OG NFT holders have started receiving the first ever TFM merch, and it’s a beautiful sight! Been excited to rep the brand since February, and super pumped to see the shirts finally in the hands of our awesome community.
I helped design the tag section of the shirt, with a not-so-fine print easter egg that our friend @chugsandbugs already noticed:
End of the day, we’re all just a guy/gal at our house who loves basketball and blockchain 🏀⛓

@TheFirstMint @nbatopshot
If you haven’t already, you can join our community of amazing Top Shot and NFT fans by snagging the TFM Day One NFT here.
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Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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