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Good Morning, NFT Squad! Hope your week has been a great one! Lots to digest in the Top Shot world after a major announcement, so let’s dive right into all the action from the last few days:
Top Shot Score ⏮
We got the long-awaited release of Top Shot Score on Wednesday, marking a new path forward for collecting on the platform.
Taking the place of Collector Score, which had been criticized for being too convoluted, TSS aims to be a simpler reward system that incentivizes users to truly collect the moments they want.
There was a lot of info presented:
NBA Top Shot 101: Introducing Top Shot Score
NBA Top Shot 101: Introducing Top Shot Score
My thoughts/ high-level overview:
The marketplace value of a moment will now factor towards your TSS, rather than the tier or series. Multiply the amount you pay for a moment by 10, and that’s the total amount of points towards your score. For new moments opened in a pack, points will be assigned based on the average market value.
Assigning points based on market values should allow users to collect what they love, instead of the ‘stacking’ optimization we saw under Collector Score.
That being said… Those who have been building their collection under the old guidelines might have a rude awakening (which is always a problem when changing the rules mid-game):
Spine Charmer
So glad I spent my time and money to move up the @Lakers leaderboard for the system to be completely changed and I go from number 6 to 108 and nothing to show for it. What a joke🤡#NBATopShot #nbatopshotthis #TSS
Top Shot aimed to alleviate this problem via an ‘Early Adopter’ bonus which will be in place until the end of S4:
We also recognize that a lot of existing fans have put a lot of money and time into the Collector Score system and that some folks will prefer the old system to the new. While we can’t maintain two incompatible, competing scoring systems, it is paramount to us that our community is compensated as it relates to this system migration. As such, an Early Adopter drop bonus will be available until the conclusion of Series 4 (June 2023). This Early Adopter bonus will ensure that when it comes to qualifying for drops, your new Top Shot Drop Score will at least get you equivalent access to what you had under Collector Score-based drop scores.
Speaking of leaderboards… Both team AND player leaderboards are addressed in the blog — with users having the ability to ‘lock’ their eligible moments in to move up the ladder (coming this summer).
Completing team sets has been broken out a bit, under a new format called ‘checklists’ which will give you additional points towards your TSS:
We also got a tease during the TS Office Hours for one of the features the community has been (im)patiently waiting for:
Gregor Clegane
“Crafting is coming this month, with Rare Moments being burned to craft better Moments”

@nbatopshot is BACK 🚀🌖
Overall, I think this system aligns better for the long-term vision of Top Shot. Collector Score was a broken model that was encouraging behavior that went directly against the core mantras of the platform.
And while there will likely be some pain from users who (by no fault of their own) collected under the old system, hopefully that anger will subside as we get a clearer picture of how TSS will develop.
Is it a game-changing move? Absolutely not — there are still plenty of issues that need to be sorted out across the board, and I don’t expect prices to surge on these new changes.
However, for a userbase that has grown accustomed to disappointment, I’d say this rates relatively favorably on the sentiment-meter!
Also, essentially multiplying CS by 10 led to some… large numbers from the whales of the platform:
Challenge Corner 🏆
Flash Challenge: Come Together
  • Reward: 2022 NBA Playoff Common Pack (Rookie), 2022 NBA Playoff ATTW4 Pack (Hero Ball)
  • Deadline: Monday, May 23 @ 10 AM PST
  • Reward: S4 Rise With Us Moment TBD
  • Deadline: Monday, May 23 @ 1 PM PST
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Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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