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Featuring Warriors Championship Badges, Pack Draft Fun, A Doris Burke Contest & More

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Hope you all had an excellent week!
Apologies for not gracing your inbox on Thursday — my wife and I came down with COVID (again) after attending a wedding last weekend and have been down bad! Stay healthy out there.
Also, congratulations to the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors! I’ve said it before, but it’s pretty impossible not to root for Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson — and their re-ascent to the top of the mountain after several years is truly an impressive feat.
A great montage recapping the entire NBA season, if you want some laughs:
Rob Perez
A year unlike any other.

This was the 2021-2022 NBA Season.
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Drafting Packs 💡
With the NBA officially entering offseason-mode, the next major event on the calendar is the 2022 NBA Draft on Thursday, July 23.
And to Top Shot’s credit, they’ve come up with a pretty sweet little opportunity for 14 lucky collectors — a pack draft!
14 collectors randomly selected from our blind snapshot will have the opportunity to “draft” a coveted @nbatopshot pack 🔥

ICYMI, The 2022 NBA Top Shot Pack Draft - Live Break is coming:
It feels like most of the ‘big features’ and positive announcements we get lately are either a. long anticipated by the community or b. suggested by users. So credit to TS for coming up with something that I haven’t seen mentioned or thought of, and it’s a unique and fun concept!
I imagine Roham walking out to announce the picks to a chorus of angry collectors and hecklers, a la David Stern:
Bringing Home the Badges 🏆
The Warriors brought home the hardware on Thursday night, and were rewarded with their Top Shot Championship Badges immediately after the game:
NBA Top Shot

Peep their brand new championship badges, immortalizing this run forever ➡️
The badges didn’t seem to result in a significant bump across the S3 Golden State market, but we did see a high-end sales of Steph Curry ($14,999 TS Debut).
TS user @JustGlyding snagged a different TS debut:
I can't believe that so many people forgot to get their challenge entries in for the @BigDawsTv @nbatopshot Surprise Debut.

Low mint and great serial, this moment is going straight to the vault.

(Here is an article for some context, if you aren’t familiar with Fake Klay)
Another Dose of Doris 🎤
In a promotion that feels tailor-made for the dog days of the offseason and not one day after the Finals… Doris Burke will be narrating user-submitted highlights recreating their favorite moments from the NBA season:
NBA Top Shot
Want to have your own personal highlight narrated by @heydb? 👀

🏀 Remake your favorite 2021-22 Moment, in the most creative way possible
🏀 Use #DorisBurkeThis
🏀 Include your TS profile & a link to the Moment

Tap in ➡️
I love Doris… But my corny-meter is reading off the charts for this one.
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