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GM, NFT Squad! Hope your week has been a great one — and that you had some magic luck in the pack drop on Tuesday!
I struck out in both queues, and for the first time in a while… Had some Top Shot FOMO!
Unrelated — this was some hilarious NBA Finals naming fun:
Brown is wearing Green

Green is wearing White while looking at Brown

White is wearing Green while looking at Green
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Crafting Is Here 🔥
After the early/mistaken release of the Crafting 101 video on Monday, it was clear that the new feature was coming in the near future. And on Wednesday, we finally got the official bat signal:
NBA Top Shot
Crafting’s Coming.

Tomorrow. 3pm ET.
Yes, crafting is coming TODAY, with an Office Hours Twitter Spaces scheduled alongside the release to answer all the questions from the community regarding the massive new integration.
What would such a monumental occasion be without a hilarious movie poster?
Not sure what crafting is? Via the March blog:
 Don’t quote us on the name, but this will be a new type of feature in NBA Top Shot where fans permanently lock a number of Moments meeting given criteria in exchange for ultra-limited rewards. This feature will result in making some of the most desirable Moments on the platform even rarer. 
Bring on more game theory, more burning mechanisms and more fun!
Related programming: The TFM Podcast from Monday:
TFM Podcast #163 - Burning Will Transform NFT Sports
Magic Mixed Emotions 🪄
Did you score a Magic pack on Tuesday? If you did, you’re probably feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good:

Magic moments are flying since today's drop

Avg Sale:
🧊$9,457 - Leg /80
🧊$3,806 - Leg /85
🧊$552 - Rare /499
🧊$422 - Rare /999

Here's the top sales

Top Sale:
💸$10,528 - Leg /80
💸$4,200 - Leg /85
💸$800 - Rare /499
💸$990 - Rare /999
But, as is always the case in Top Shot, no major drop goes off without some sort of controversy. And the Magic drop sure wasn’t an exception!
Arguably the most coveted moment in the drop (the #32 mint jersey serial of the Legendary /80 Magic Johnson moment) went to an account that had never made a purchase on the marketplace — and was gifted tons of moments the morning of the drop to become eligible for the priority queue.
A good recap of the situation from Moment Ranks:
Recapping the Top Shot controversy following the Magic Johnson pack drop. ↯
Immediately after the drop, Top Shot held a Twitter Spaces to address the situation, and took feedback from many members of the community:
Jayne Peressini
Jump into the Spaces coming up @ 2pm PT. It'll be a workshop style. I know a lot of you are mad. A hard pill to swallow is that the users who are going viral were not deemed multiaccounters per our ToS and also had KYCed prior to the drop.But we can fix it going forward so let's
On one hand, the communication and immediately addressing the problem was a positive. On the other, the Spaces was a mess, and another instance of being reactionary to a loud and often angry community.
I don’t want to keep going down the rabbit hole on this one, but what it boils down to for me:
The onus of figuring out the issues with Top Shot should be the people getting paid to do it. Trust their instincts and ideas — and if you don’t, hire people that will get it right! Constantly taking the advice of a bunch of angry Twitter users is… Not the way!
That being said, if you ARE going to take suggestions, noted big brains MBL and JonBoy had some interesting takes on potential solutions.
Around The First Mint 🗣
Check out this article from The Verge about NBA Top Shot, featuring several quotes from LG:
The Verge
NBA Top Shot seemed like a slam dunk — so why are some collectors crying foul?
On this episode of The First Mint Live, we talk about the week that was in the NFT world. We’ll also be joined by Quad to learn about the 10KTF project.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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