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GM, NFT fam! Happy Thursday!
Hope you are all doing OK during this rough stretch in the crypto and NFT market — a time that has been stressful and unsettling for many. This has been one of the most brutal weeks in crypto history — and the scariest part is the uncertainty of what lies ahead.
In my opinion, some of the best medicine during times like this is humor — and the shit-posting of the crypto Twitter community has been up to the task!
genie: u have one wish

me: wish i got more crypto at 2013 prices

genie: ✨

me: no wait
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
A Pair of Jokers 🃏
The NBA announced the winner of this year’s MVP award, with Denver Nuggets forward Nikola Jokic taking home the honor for the second straight year.
If you’ve got any Jokic moments from Series 3, they’ve already got some new badges, per the latest Top Shot blog. But did the market react to the news?

🏆Rumors break that Jokić will be awarded MVP

📈How Moments reacted since:

✨First Round S1 - 🔼 22%
✨21 Playoffs S2 - 🔼 2.7%
✨Metallic Gold S2- 🔼 2.5%
✨Base S1 - 🔼 2.4%

Jokić has 25 moments:
✅5 positive gain
➖13 no change
❌7 negative gain
It would appear not — though having 25 moments on the platform might be the culprit there!
Jokic accepted the award at his horse stable in Serbia, which was hilarious:
Top Shot also celebrated the award with a dedicated Flash Challenge, ‘League’s Finest’, utilizing the other MVP-badged moments on the platform. The challenge seemingly ruffled some feathers in the community by including the WNBA MVPs as well, which are pricey bottlenecks:
Dear @nbatopshot wnba is a totally different league and some ppl don’t want to collect them! Stop forcing it by mixing it with nba challenges!!
News From the Lab 🧪
FLOW announced a major $725M fund on Tuesday, aimed at “hypercharging innovation and growth” across the ecosystem:
Flow Raises $725M To Fund Blockchain’s Growth - Blockworks
Dapper and FLOW certainly has no shortage of investor interest, and it’s always a bullish indicator to me that major firms still see the massive potential of the ecosystem.
As LG pointed out on Twitter, the list of companies building on FLOW includes some eye-openers — and Instagram, OpenSea, YouTube and Shopify jump out as industry giants. FLOW coming to OpenSea would also open up some serious opportunity for NFTs in the ecosystem.
There was also this graphic under the ‘Ecosystem Highlights’ section:
We're all excited about $Flow and Top Shot longterm. We know there is tons of potential.

But as a holder and critic, seeing "750,000+ Owners" feels like I'm being gaslit.

30 Day Buyers = 38,583
All Time Buyers = 429,865

What are those 320k other accounts??
This isn’t the first time that the Top Shot numbers have seemingly been detached to reality — many of us around last March probably remember the “1 Million Accounts” fanfare (at a time where multiaccounting/bots were ravaging the platform). But 750,000 owners seems like an egregious claim right now.
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