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The Off-Season is OVER 🚀

The First Mint
The First Mint
Featuring Toddler TopShot, Moments priced in ETH (like actually), and a new WNBA drop!

What’s up everybody its LG Doucet here.
No for real, it’s me. Zach is away and he let me take over the newsletter. So read at your own risk!
🚨 And I’m gonna kick it off with the IMMEDIATE action items (ICYMI):
Together With Evaluate.Market
Together With Evaluate.Market
Maintaining an NBA Top Shot portfolio and researching new NFTs can be a challenging task. Evaluate.Market makes it easy to monitor your account value, discover market trends, and analyze NFT collections including NBA Top Shot, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and more. Try it for yourself at Evaluate.Market!
TopShot is now a toddler🍼
That’s right. In case you were living under a rock yesterday, NBATopShot celebrated its birthday. And it did so in style by asking literally every content creator ever born to giveaway dozens of packs to the community!
Led by community rep ElDumboTS (the more handsome, but less cool-sounding Luke) and his team, the event was an absolute smash success!
Here’s a recap from the man himself!
Dumbo doesn't mess around for bdays
Dumbo doesn't mess around for bdays
Oh and some Twitter account called @NBA also tweeted about the TopShot, and offered to send 1 lucky fan to Opening Night.
Probably nothing.
To help celebrate #HBDTopShot...

💥 @nbatopshot is sending 1 lucky fan to Opening Night in Milwaukee! Get your 1st pack TODAY for your chance ➡️
5.179 ETH for a LeBron James HOLO
Amidst the news onslaught yesterday (and there was also a Stress Test apparently), was the reveal that we could now display Marketplace moments in ETH.
That’s right. Something that for months I said Dapper would never do, they have finally done. It’s something that many community members have been calling for, as it helps to put Moment prices into perspective, especially when compared to other NFTs.
Would you rather a LeBron TSD MGLE or a Chromie Squiggle?
Would you rather a LeBron TSD MGLE or a Chromie Squiggle?
More WNBA!
We got more WNBA Moments on the way! That’s right, circle next Thursday at 11am PDT for the next WNBA Best of 2021 Drop.
This one will deliver a MASSIVE load of packs (75,000), and who knows, we might even be able to snag more than one*.
*pure speculation
🚨WNBA BEST OF 2021: DROP #2🚨

🔹When: Oct 7
🔹Time: 11am PDT
🔹Packs: 75,000
🔹Collector Score: 10
🔹Price: $9

@WNBA TS Debuts from:
🏀Michaela Onyenwere
🏀Didi Richards
🏀DeWanna Bonner
🏀Napheesa Collier
🏀Kristi Toliver
🏀Natasha Cloud
🏀Kahleah Copper
📦30 Moments Total
The Expansion of TopShot
Lost in the shuffle was this tweet from none other than ROHAM, explaining how we’ll soon be able to port our TS Moments OUT of the system.
Meaning we might be able to sell them on OpenSea or VIV3 before the year is out. This would also allow us to fractionalize ownership of moments on platforms like NFTfi and Flowty!
One more #HBDTopShot post – for power users:

Self-custody / withdrawal to other wallets is coming to @dapperlabs #NFTs 🔓🚀

Very limited rollout in Oct, expanding through Q4

Unlocks: third party marketplaces, lending, fractionalizing, group buying –– all on @flow_blockchain
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Thanks for reading! — LG @ The First Mint
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