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The New Dunk on the Block 🤩

The First Mint
The First Mint
Featuring a Run It Back Recap, Market Movers, Major Purchases and More

Good Morning, NBA Top Shot Squad! Happy Weekend! Hope you all had some luck in the WNBA Run It Back drop yesterday and snagged some great moments! Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
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A Run It Back Recap ⏮
We had our first major drop since the NBA Finals yesterday, with 15,000 WNBA RIB packs dropping over two queues.
The Priority Queue (Collector Score of 4000+) seemed to move along faster than other drops in the past. Yours truly was able to snag one, and I’m hoping that the move out of Series 2 has turned over a new leaf in my Top Shot queue luck!
Very happy with my pulls, including a great serial on my rare moment, and two of the more sought after commons:
Speed of the queue aside, there seemed to be a few snags tech wise. Some users were directed to the pack page despite there being no packs left to purchase (not a great experience, especially when its often guesswork to know how many packs actually remain):
NBA Top Shot Updates
For those that ran into an issue at the end of the priority queue, that was due to a display issue as we had officially sold out. Please refrain from filing a support ticket if you ran into this issue at the end of the queue. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The General Queue also had issues, with a delay of three hours.
Everyone: “It’s almost Series 3, Beta has to be over soon, right?!”
Market Movers 📊
At $79 a pop, the RIB packs seem to have been well worth the price of admission, with the lowest WNBA rare moment coming in at $130 as of Friday night.
Looking at the highest value moments on the market shortly after the drop, “The Dunk” from Lisa Leslie is clearly the star of the set:
The priciest five moments of the set so far at time of writing include: Lisa Leslie ($1,049), Maya Moore ($485), Diana Taurasi ($430), Sheryl Swoopes ($398) and Cynthia Cooper ($330).
One of the coolest parts of the WNBA launch has been the buy-in from some of the biggest legends in the league’s history, and this drop was no exception. Leslie was all over Twitter during the queues (and found someone to gift her own moment to her, which I hope she rewards them for), and several other WNBA legends chimed in throughout the day.
While Top Shot doesn’t yet have the buy-in of many top-tier NBA stars, I have no doubt we’ll see more major names roll through as the platform continues to develop.
Whale Watching 🐳
We saw the largest NBA Top Shot sale of September yesterday, with user @kevinchvn making a big splash on the #30 LeBron James ‘From The Top’ Series 1 Legendary moment:
Top Shot Believers Bot 🤖🏀
YOOOOOO... kevinchvn just bought LeBron James From the Top Series 1 #30 for $94500 (29.37 ETH) (Floor: $219000) 😱😱😳😳🥵🥵 #LakeShow #NFTsAreDead
As someone who has dove headfirst into other NFTs since joining Top Shot in January, seeing moments priced in ETH on the Top Shot Believers Bot is such a perspective-altering experience. Especially for the sub-$1000 moments, which sound a lot more appetizing at .3 ETH than they do at a dollar value.
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Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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