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Series 3 Hits The Road(map) 🗺

The First Mint
The First Mint
Featuring a Roadmap Release, Klay Cometh, Candy Hype & More

GM, NBA Top Shot Weekend Warriors! Happy Saturday, and hope your day is off to a smashing start. We had a MASSIVE late Friday news dump from Top Shot yesterday, and there is plenty to digest. Let’s get into all the action:
A Roadmap Arrives 🗺
We wanted a roadmap, and boy did we get one! Top Shot dropped a huge blog Friday night, detailing comprehensive content plans for Series 3:
First, let’s break down the S3 Base Set:
♦️519x Total Moments
♦️2x Per Player

➡️Rookie Debuts 4k
➡️TS Debuts 12k
➡️Other LE Moments 9,999
➡️Circulating Count 60k+

🎽Players Who Changed Teams
💫Rising Stars #2
👟Hustle & Show #2
🌎Two Geographic Sets
🏅82 Playoff Moments

It would appear that Top Shot has made a conscious effort to preserve scarcity when it comes to the more desirable moments (three-badge rookies at 4k mint, debuts at 12k, etc.) compared to the common base moments that are starting at a 60K circulation. And I also love the two moment cap on the base set, which is another step towards increasing scarcity.
Onto the Rare Sets:
⚔️No more than 4x Moments per player
⚔️2022 total edition count

🪙Mint Count: 749 LE
🪙150x total moments
🪙5x from each team

Other Sets
☄️All Star Game: 2022 LE
💥Throwdowns III: 888 LE
👑Conference Finals: 1000 LE
🤲Teamwork Set: count tbd

We’ve got some old favorites returning (MGLE, Throwdowns), as well as a new ‘Teamwork’ Set. Again, another clear outline of the number of moments per player, and how high the mint will be. Love it! (Also nice touch on the ‘Looks Rare’ for those on NFT/Crypto Twitter!)

🔹Mint Count: 99 LE
🔹90x Total Plays
🔹3x Per Team

🎄Historical Christmas Day games
🎄Will not include players in RIB

✨Mint Count: 75 LE
✨Special Moments

🏆Similar to previous finals
Holo Icon? Deck The Hoops? Rookie Revelation?!
Particularly interesting is the Deck The Hoops commentary:
Around the holidays we will be releasing our first historical Legendary set with a focus on Christmas Day games of yesteryear. Maintaining the name Deck the Hoops from Series 2, we will venture back to a dedicated time period for memorable performances.
There will also be a second Legendary ‘historical’ set towards the middle of the series, but that “there will be careful consideration given to ensure that these Legendary Moments feel special without stepping on the toes of Run It Back”.
A few other tidbits from the full blog:
  • The return of Hustle & Show
  • A first-time set ‘curated specifically by current or former NBA greats, fitting a drop-specific theme chosen by the players themselves" (!)
  • 'Rising Stars’ is moving to Common tier, and aa rare ‘All Star’ set will return (with Seeing Stars getting axed)
And a helpful chart on edition sizes:
That… was a lot. But wait! There’s more — 
Klay Is Coming 😍
One of the best players in the league (not to mention a beloved fan favorite) still doesn’t have an NBA Top Shot moment. Until now!
Klay Thompson has arrived, courtesy of the latest Vintage Vibes Showcase Challenge! Hope you have some TS Debut moments handy:

Showcase Challenge Requirements:
🔹2x Series 1 Moments
🔹2x Shooting Guards
🔹2x Jump Shots
🔹2x WNBA Moments
🔹2x Golden State Warriors


Will feature a Klay Moment from 2013-14⏳

My body is ready.
Candy + Canada 🇨🇦
Ready to score some sick MLB NFTS? The Candy MLB 2021 Icons drop is just a few days away, but they’ve been throwing some heat with some awesome reveals (including some early looks for our TFM fam on Thursday’s Live Show).
And our friends North of the border got some good news this week: Canada is now cleared to purchase! Get started with Candy here.
Are you ready? Because we’re throwing nothing but 🔥 on 𝗢𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝟮𝟲.

Step in the box and sign up today:
Around The First Mint 🗣
The First Mint Live is back for another wild Thursday night, October 21th 2021. We’re talking CANDY MLB DROP, including a MASSIVE REVEAL of their NFTs that is EXCLUSIVE to The First Mint. We’ll also chat with Tommy Wilson (NFT Artist, plays baseball sometimes) and MyMoements (guy who won the trip to Milwaukee).
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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