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Good Morning, NFT Squad! Cheers to the weekend! Hope you had an amazing week, and had some luck in the queues yesterday across the many drops we saw on both NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day!
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Pack Post-Mortem 📦
We had a busy day of drops in the NBA Top Shot world on Friday, with the ‘And Then There Were 4’ Rare Conference Finals packs releasing along with their common counterparts.
The Rare drop seemed to be a winner for most collectors, with 7 of the 8 possible moments coming in at over the $89 pack price on the market (sorry, Jalen Brunson - you deserve better!). Leading the pack are Steph Curry ($269 low ask) and Luka Doncic ($189 low ask).
I hopped in the queue for the first time in a while, and have to tip my cap — that thing was FLYING. Such a quicker experience than just a few months ago!
Also dropping on Friday was the much-anticipated Top Shot Twitter Spaces with Magic Johnson, ahead of his debut on the platform in packs next week. The Spaces had some really cool moments, with interesting breakdowns of the incoming moments and a lot of love for the platform.
However, it would appear Magic has some… studying to do when it comes to the players currently with moments on Top Shot:
How I know Magic Johnson has never looked at the #NBATopShot marketplace...

QUESTION: "How would you build your Top Shot collection?"

MAGIC: "I would take all winners - Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, LeBron, Kobe Bryant."

Come on, Magic — have you ever visited the website?
All Day Innovations  🏈
Burning moments has come to the NFL All Day platform, with the new feature kicked off during yesterday’s drop:
How ALL DAY burning will work:

📦Drop of 1k Packs tmr @ 2pm ET
📦If you pull 3x commons, can burn them for dapper credit

Crafting Challenges
🚜Burn moments for Rewards
🚜First one later this summer

ALL DAY burn
🔥They will burn 100k moments this summer from week 13-18
The blog announcement on Thursday was full of exciting tidbits —  and judging by the movement in the marketplace (and general sentiment on Twitter), the community approves of the announcement:
All Day Fanatic
Well the community and market definitely approve of @NFLALLDAY’s update on burning moments.
Hopefully these features are ones we’ll see cross over to NBA Top Shot in the near future as well. But it’s an encouraging sign from the All Day team, with changes being made that are clearly informed from TS learnings.
Nifty's x TFM: What's Up, Block? 🐤
Nifty’s and Warner Brothers are bringing some familiar faces to the blockchain, with a unique story-driven NFT experience, fun activities and exclusive rewards along the way.
First up in the Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block? experience is Tweety Bird, with the rest of your favorite characters to follow!
Drop Details:
Price: $80 USD in credit/debit or DAI via Palm Network
Supply: 10,000 Tweety Bird PFP Avatars
Allowlist: Holders of Monstars NFT or select Tweety Bird Space Jam NFTs (snapshot will be taken on June 15)
  • Presale: Monday, June 20
  • Public Sale: Tuesday, June 21
  • Reveal: Thursday, June 23
For more info on the Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block collection:
Around The First Mint 🗣
The First Mint is joined by Top Shot team captains from the Celtics + Warriors to kick off our Finals Challenge! We then revisit Goblintown with Connor, and Wolf Game with Zach.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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