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Good Morning, NFT Friends! Hope you all had an excellent weekend!
An interesting set of blowout Game 7s — with Boston and Dallas taking care of business in decisive fashion (sorry to the Suns fans out there, who had Luka smiling his way through an absolute destruction).
My prediction that Giannis’ reign of terror would continue this year is now in the trash, so I’ll hitch my wagon to Boston as my revised pick to win it all.
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
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Market Movers 📊
Your weekly bad news Top Shot market update, via @steefcrypto:
gm. Your weekly NBA Top Shot market update:

You couldn't really have expected good new this week.

🏀 TS following all of crypto down
🏀 Engagement waning a bit as season winds down
🏀 New users down since multi-accounting reported

Data via @EvaluateMarket & @cryptoslamio
As Steef said, it’s hard to expect anything positive given the broader NFT/Crypto market landscape.
Looking closer at Steef’s charts, one thing that struck me was how low the base set costs have fallen — and pricing things in ETH, you can have every moment from those three sets (over 1000 moments) for 20 ETH!
That’s one Mutant from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, a little under one Moonbird, etc. Wild to think about!
What is a bit frustrating is the lack of excitement right now surrounding the platform— during a playoffs that has been extremely exciting. This should be the peak!
One thing that may be contributing to that lack of content is the current format for Playoff Challenges — with the ‘TBD’ rewards and delayed gratification of waiting weeks for moments to be delivered leaving much to be desired.
Other than the Flash Challenges and sending users to each game (something that’s hard for those not selected to get hyped about), it’s been an eerily quiet playoffs. What happens in the offseason?
Jon Jackson
Not gonna lie, feels like the TS user base is losing steam as we venture closer to the post-season.

Challenges w/ TBD rewards, Bi-Weekly Spaces but not really, and Schedule Graphics every once in a while kinda makes it seem like they are too.

Wen GM? Who's running this thing
It feels like we’re limping to the S3 finish line, which… isn’t great given how much we were hoping things would turn around from the issues of S2!
We’re entering Series 4 soon, still with more questions than answers (including the comms below, which confused many):
NBA Top Shot Updates
Our first set in Series 4, Rise With Us, will be minted today. We have completed minting all of our Series 3 sets. Expect more of the initial Series 4 sets to be minted over the coming weeks and months.
Challenge Corner 🏆
With all of the Round 2 matchups in the books, we’ve got the remaining Set Challenges expiring soon — plus a new Flash Challenge, AND a Doris Burke-specific Challenge:
  • Reward: Arike Ogunbowale Player’s Choice
  • Deadline: Tuesday, May 17 @ 1 PM PST
  • Reward: Two 2022 NBA Playoffs Packs (Round 1 + Round 2)
  • Deadline: Wednesday, May 18 @ 1 PM PST
  • Reward: 2022 NBA Playoffs Set Reward TBD
  • Deadline: Wednesday, May 18 @ 1 PM PST
  • Reward: 2022 NBA Playoffs Set Reward TBD
  • Deadline: Wednesday, May 18 @ 1 PM PST
  • Reward: S4 Rise With Us Moment TBD
  • Deadline: May 23 @ 1 PM PST
Merch Mania 🧢
Ready to rep some First Mint swag? The TFM Merch Shop is here — with shirts, hats, hoodies and toques beanies to show your love for basketball and blockchain. My personal fave is the Phil llama/woah shirt:
P.S. — If you’re a TFM Day One NFT holder, head over to Discord to grab your code for a free shirt!
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