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Featuring A Weekend Of Challenges, an Ayo Dosunmu Rollercoaster, A Base Pack Drop and Ghost’s Corner

gm, NFT Squad! Happy Tuesday — hope you all had an excellent weekend! It’s only mid-January… Doesn’t New Year’s feel like 6 months ago? We are truly in a time vortex 🤯
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Challenge Weekend 🏆
We saw the conclusion of two challenges on Monday, with both the Weekend Vibes (Jaylen Brown) and the Hustle & Show #2 (Steph Curry) rewards distributed.
11,778 users earned the Brown MSFE moment, which sits at a $28 low ask ($95 cost to complete at the peak).
Meanwhile, the Curry H&S finished at 8539 completions, almost 1,000 more than Kristaps Porzingis in the previous H&S challenge. The reward is currently at $225 low ask on the market, with the cost to complete topping out at around $350.
And the lucky member of the community to pull the #1 serial? @jamesdillonbond, of the Rip Packs City Portland Top Shot community:
What a huge W!
We also saw another Flash Challenge around Monday’s MLK Day slate of games — requiring the Top 10 players with the most minutes played with a Joel Embiid MSFE reward.
Chicago Bulls rookie Ayo Dosunmu (who has quietly had an AWESOME season for us) found his way onto the list midway through the day with 38 minutes played, creating a potential bottleneck with only one moment on the market.
He was later knocked off by players in the later games, creating quite the rollercoaster of a day for his moment price (soaring as high as $360):
I love this, for THREE reasons:
  • Seeing this intense price action means the community is engaged and active in the challenges! Top Shot has constantly preached being the ‘currency of fandom’, and Flash Challenges have been a great way to bring collectors closer and more invested in the action
  • Flash Challenges are creating real utility for a wide variety of moments  — making collecting worthwhile! Especially with challenges like minutes, last scorer of the half, etc., it’s not always the top tier, expensive moments that see a rise. And it’s fun, exciting and basically found money when a player in your collection finds himself on the board!
  • I own(ed) an Ayo moment from my Bulls set! And since the Derrick Rose Deck the Hoops made life difficult for us former Chicago team set holders… I took some profit on Ayo and will buy him back later on! Goodbye for now, friend!
Pack Drop TODAY 📦
The seventh release of the Series 3 Base Set drops TODAY at 11 AM PST — with 150,000 packs and 17 new moments up for grabs. A few in particular are pretty exciting:
  • The Rookie TS Debut for 2nd overall pick Jalen Green
  • The TS Debut for Lance Stephenson, a fun and unexpected beneficiary of expanding rosters during rising COVID issues
One person who probably isn’t happy to see Lance back in action?
Speaking of King James… We had the biggest TS sale in over a month on Monday:
BIG SALE ALERT Aon @nbatopshot 🔥🔥

💰Price: $65,000

👑LeBron James #42
👑From The Top
👑Series 1

🎖️43rd Highest Sale ever
🎖️Biggest Sale since Dec 6, 2021 (Giannis Holo 2, $65.5k)
🎖️Only the 6th Sale over $60k since August 2021
Ghost's Corner 👻
In this recurring Tuesday section I’ll hit on a few non-Top Shot NFTs that have caught my eye of late, and general musings about the space. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!
Let’s talk about LooksRare — a platform that has been captivating to watch over the last week since launching with a massive airdrop of $LOOKS tokens for OpenSea users.
The concept itself is a brilliant one — a company rewarding their main competition’s user base with tangible value to try their platform. But LooksRare also provides incentives in the form of staking tokens, as well as distributing platform fees to USERS in the form of $LOOKS and WETH rewards.
And those rewards can add up quickly, as @loldefi illustrates:
loldefi💎✨ // 🦋
Day 6 of staking my $LOOKS airdrop on @LooksRareNFT

Fees earned:
1.21 $WETH ($4,085)
1,285 $LOOKS ($5,350)

On set for $10k a week

Stop using OpenSea

Still wrapping my head around how lucrative 100% of fees can be for stakers as the platform grows
The launch came at a time of frustration for many OpenSea users, who have dealt with numerous issues (website outages, frozen collections, lack of communication) as the company has handled the brunt of volume from the surging NFT market.
Does LooksRare solve all of these? Not yet — but in the ethos of Web3 and decentralization, LR certainly seems to fit the mold we all want to see out of a marketplace going forward, even if the final product still needs polishing.
At the very least, LooksRare is providing an interesting alternative — and maybe eventually pushes OpenSea to adapt and change. Competition is good! And this isn’t meant to be an anti-OpenSea section — what they have done to push NFTs mainstream is no small feat. And for all the complaints, the NFT market is nothing without them right now!
But I am definitely excited to see where this new model heads, and how it shakes up the NFT marketplace world going forward!
Around The First Mint 🗣
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Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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