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Good Morning, NFT Fam! Happy Thursday — and happy start of the NBA Finals!!!!!
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Crafting Convos 🔨
It’s looking like we might see crafting coming VERY soon on Top Shot! The long-awaited feature was teased earlier this season, but new TS GM Jayne had some info for collectors via the Nine Lives Lounge and Courtside Discords:
Jon Jackson
Here's the Jayne nuggets on crafting for those not in NLL/VIP/Courtside chats...

Sounds like something this week!
While many are quick to jump on Jayne for providing important info via gated channels, it’s a delicate balance. I’m happy to see her entrenched in the community and actually learning the pain points of users — fixing comms is an easier problem to fix.
I also appreciate the self-awareness:
Jayne Peressini
@jonboybeats Point taken. Yesterday was my bad re: alpha in the discord. I messed up there. We def can work on comms and I also need to follow those rules. Good feedback.
We got a more official word from the TS community channel later on Tuesday:
Top Shot Community
We are nearly ready with the Crafting feature and we expect the first Crafting Challenges, including the Ja Throwdown Challenge and the WNBA RIB + Archive Set Crafting Challenges, to be launching in product within the next two weeks.
Crafting will be an exciting new dynamic added to the ecosystem, and will hopefully create some fun game theory around whether to turn in moments for a reward, sell them, or hold (and theoretically add another burn mechanism).
Speaking of Top Shot Comms Diplo’s Instagram page, here is a pretty hilarious guest appearance from Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou, who had to let the famous DJ in to perform at his yacht party.
Packs Incoming 📦
Top Shot announced the next pack drop coming Friday, featuring Rare moments from the ‘And Then There Were Four’ Conference Finals set.

Conference Finals packs arrive to @nbatopshot this week

🏆Friday June 3
🏆3250 packs
🏆6x moments/pack

Limited packs are available

📦10am PT / 1k Packs / 100k TSS
📦11am PT / 1.5k Packs / 20k TSS
📦12pm PT / 750 Packs / 0 TSS

Additionally, airdrops are incoming for holders of several different playoff sets across S1, and the ATTWF S2 Set.
The Rare drop is followed by the common Conference Finals drop at 1 PM PST on Friday
Anniversary Announcements 🙀
Yesterday was officially the one year anniversary of the Nine Lives Lounge, aka the SoHo House of Top Shot!
In celebration, we got some major announcements surrounding future funding, group decisions and new experiences for the 2709 holders of the full Series 2 Cool Cats set:
TST | NBA Top Shot Talk
Some nice announcements for the NNL on their anniversary
🐱$10k for NLL Council continues through 2022
🐱Council will control all remaining CC packs from all drops
🐱Special IRL experience for NLL in Vegas
🐱Cool Cats basketball court
Full Blog here. We’ve always said that Cool Cats was a roller-coaster, and looking at the 1-year chart of the set price, that description seems pretty accurate:
The current set sits at roughly $2,750, with the two major bottlenecks (LaMelo Ball & Luka Doncic) coming in at $1,895 and $450.
The control of all remaining CC packs for the NLL Council is a particularly interesting aspect of the blog — with Dapper giving the choice to the holders on how to handle the unopened moments:
The community of Cool Cats collectors devoted to this set and what it represents will be able to determine how, when and if these packs are used and opened. We look forward to seeing what they do with them. 
One idea I think could be a very likely outcome:
Around The First Mint 🗣
The First Mint is joined by Top Shot team captains from the Celtics + Warriors to kick off our Finals Challenge! We then revisit Goblintown with Connor, and Wolf Game with Zach.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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