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What’s up everyone - it’s LG!
Wanted to take a second to plug the latest pod. With crypto (and most markets) in the dump, I didn’t want to focus on more doom and gloom. Rather, I wanted to think further ahead, to how the next wave of adoption will happen in the space.
The podcast is titled “THE NEXT 100 MILLION PEOPLE IN NFTS”, and you can listen to it on Spotify or Apple.
The pod actually comes with a blog post over on our new substack. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be slowly migrating our content (including this newsletter), so keep an eye out.
Thanks for being with us during these wild times 🙏🏻 
Good Morning, NFT Squad! Hope you had an excellent weekend!
Not much else to say about the markets right now — it’s not pretty. Make sure to check in with your crypto/NFT friends during this stressful time — we gotta stick together!
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Market Movers 📊
Financial markets across the world have felt some serious pain the past few days, and the Top Shot market has not been exempt. The platform’s Total Market Cap has dipped sharply this past weekend, via MomentRanks:
But considering the losses felt in the broader crypto spaces, Top Shot has felt relatively… Calm?
That being said, the recent Magic Johnson ‘Anthology’ drop is still holding value nicely — with the legendaries bringing some nice potential returns for those who were lucky enough to score one:
Finals Fun 🏆
Top Shot announced the details for the release of the NBA Finals legendary packs, dropping next Thursday, July 23rd:
TST | NBA Top Shot Talk
NBA Finals Legendary Drop June 23rd
🔸$999 (with $200 dapper credit refund)
🔸3 Priority Queues (TSS TBD)
🔸# of packs TBD
🔸9 moments per pack (Legendary /75, ATTW4, 7 Base commons)

Finals Common Drop
🔸9000 Packs
🔸One General Queue (0 TSS)
🔸2 Playoff & 2 Base moments
The $200 Dapper refund seems odd at first glance — but I guess could be viewed as a market stimulator?
If the packs were instead priced at $799, that wouldn’t necessarily mean more $ pumped into the ecosystem. But with the refund, that’s balance that will HAVE to be used on the platform.
Not a fan personally of the common Finals drop — just do legendaries only and keep them scarce!
We also got a Finals-specific Flash Challenge for last night’s game, expiring TODAY along with the Ja Morant crafting Challenge and several others.
Speaking of last night’s game…
Roham Watch 👀
After getting a glimpse into the life of Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou last week via Diplo’s instagram story on a yacht (!), we got another fun cameo last night:
It would be a great bit for Roham to just keep popping up in obscure situations on Twitter — a ‘Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego’ for the digital age!
Will a Nemanja Bjelica Finals moment actually be the first Roham moment?
Hro x TFM 💥
This is a paid post with our friend at Hro, as part of our year-long partnership with them to get the word about the DC Multiverse.
The next Hro drop is coming TODAY, featuring officially licensed hybrid NFTs from the DC Pride collection!
Full drop details:
  • Tuesday, June 14th @ 12 PM PST / 7 PM UTC
  • 15,900 total packs, $50 each
  • 3 item pack from the DC Pride Collection, with a chance of Ultra Rare Hro card inserts
  • 5 Pack Limit for pre-sale allowlist, 10 Pack Limit for public sale
If you purchased 5 packs on the Allowlist pre-sale, you will only be able to purchase 5 more packs during the public sale while supplies last. If you have an Allowlist slot, you will not need to wait for an email invite to purchase when the public sale goes live.
Visit to learn more and join the Hro community — and join LG, Hro & friends on Twitter Spaces at 11:30 AM PST prior to the drop to break it all down!
Around The First Mint 🗣
We really thought 2022 would be “the” year for NFTs. Turns out, we were dead wrong. And rather than focus on the doom and gloom of the market, we’re looking way further ahead to mass adoption, and what its gonna take to onboard 100,000,000 into non fungibles.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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