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Featuring A New Top Shot General Manager, A Major New Feature, the Warriors Return to the Finals & More

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Happy Weekend — hope you all had a great week!
The Warriors are back in the NBA Finals, for the sixth time in the last eight years — an absolutely insane achievement. It also feels like it’s been longer, with COVID / the bubble and Klay’s injury breaking things up. It’s also amazing to consider this:
Ben Stinar
Steph -7th overall
Klay- 11th overall
Draymond - 35th overall

Never forget that the Golden State Warriors dynasty was built without a top 5 pick
In an era of Superteams, the Warriors (save for a brief Kevin Durant stint) have built a completely homegrown dynasty. Aside from the big 3, you also have Jordan Poole (28th overall pick in 2019) and Kevon Looney (30th overall pick in 2015) as in-house picks for the Dubs — nearly an entire core built through the later picks of the draft. Just wild!
Also, congrats to my favorite player, Jimmy Butler, for keeping the Miami Heat alive and forcing a Game 7 last night with 47, 9 and 8 in an absolutely ridiculous performance.
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
GM to the New GM 👋
Filed under news that should surprise absolutely nobody, a familiar face has been named the new General Manager of NBA Top Shot:
What WAS surprising was the way the information came out, with a leak on Thursday night from another company where Jayne acts as a ‘founding advisor’… Pogs? Yes, Pogs, the things us 80s-90s kids used to collect back in the day:
@retroblockchain @JAYMKTG @scottegg235 @M2Jimbo @ElDumboTS @AlexNFLAllDay @TheeHustleHouse @wince08_TopShot @TopShotSadBoys @PiratesMeta @nbatopshot @BoredApeYC @pog_unlimited @Jayne is our founding advisor. She is Vp of growth at dapper currently and is the new gm of Topshot…
(Sorry Jayne if I dropped alpha. Lol)
What a strange timeline we live in.
Formerly the VP of Growth for Dapper Labs, Jayne has been a (sometimes too) active voice on the Top Shot Twitter streets since starting at Dapper in late 2021.
Many collectors first memory of Jayne might be the infamous cigar-smoking vid that riled up the louder segments of the community during a tenuous time in the marketplace — or several other ‘teaser’ tweets that seemed at odds with the broader comms strategy for the platform.
But For the last few months, she has been one of the primary faces engaging on the Twitter battlefield to help hear perspectives within the user base. And despite the comms ‘miscues’, Jayne has also built up plenty of goodwill in other segments of the community with her honesty and willingness to engage with collectors.
The latter is an important one — and something that will be new to the GM position, considering her predecessor, Tristan Rattink, was known only for his intro blog post. We literally never heard from him once!
So best of luck to Jayne, who is probably well-aware of the warzone she’s parachuting into.
But everyone loves a comeback story, and those of us still here obviously want Top Shot to succeed. So hopefully the best is yet ahead under new management!
An Offer You Can Refuse 🤝
We got a long-awaited update to the platform on Thursday, which could have major implications on the market going forward:
NBA Top Shot Updates
Dapper Offers are being rolled out!

Starting today, a small test group of Top Shot collectors will have the ability to make Offers on NBA Top Shot Moments. The ability to create Offers will be rolled out to all collectors in the near future.
While it’s still in the early stages and gated to select members (a beta of a beta, if you will) — offers will provide some true price discovery in the marketplace, and hopefully increase transactions within the ecosystem.
But of course, this was the running joke around the community, which was played out approximately one second into the launch of the new feature:
you made a $1 offer on a Top Shot moment?! 🤣

That's hilarious! better make sure you screenshot and post the comedy gold you just created
If you’re looking for any potential offers on your moments, the navigation is a bit buried. Under the little profile icon, head to your Dapper Wallet and then to Offers. I haven’t received any yet, but am open for business!
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The First Mint is joined by Ars0nic and Carol Trang this week as we catch up on the NFT industry, and decide the winner of our $FLOW PFP contest.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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