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gm, NFT frens! Happy Thursday! Hope you all had some great pulls in the Hustle & Show drop on Tuesday, or snagged a nice Klay Thompson serial! Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
Market Movers 📊
We had the much-hyped Hustle & Show drop on Tuesday — and a good ole’ fashioned feeding frenzy once the market opened to try and compete the full set.
A look at the initial prices for the new moments:

This set is heating up! 🚒🔥

Total Cost: $144
👟$16 Bridges
👟$16 Brooks
👟$16 Thybulle
👟$15 Brown
👟$15 Towns
👟$14 Turner
👟$14 Gordon
👟$14 Smart
👟$13 Monk
👟$12 Vassell

1st Challenge is tomorrow. Rewards:
Kristaps Porzingis was announced as the first Challenge Reward, with the 5 ‘Team Hustle’ highlights AND an additional 5 Series 2 H&S moments needed. With both the airdrop for full set holders plus the inclusion in the challenges themselves, this drop has been a big win for those who collected Hustle & Show!
A look at the S2 set rise this week, via OTM:
As a fan favorite set, it’s nice to see H&S get plenty of shine throughout the week, and people rewarded for collecting what they love!
Flash Challenge Fun ⚡️
Elsewhere in the Top Shot realm, we saw the completion of the Klay Thompson ‘The Return’ challenge. With 4390 completions after a pricey cost to complete (at one point soaring upwards of $850), the moment surprisingly settled at just $250 as of this writing.
We also got another tiered flash challenge Wednesday night, with easy (Donovan Mitchell MSFE reward) and hard (Rare pack reward) options. Things got difficult for BOTH challenges when Orlando Magic rookie Franz Wagner dished out a career-high 10 assists, locking his TS Debut moment into the needed moments.
Look at that surge:
Our friend @clegainz put it well:
Ser Gregor Clegainz
Being incredibly Hard

Easy Challenge 🤝 Hard Challenge
Side note — if you’re very into Flash Challenges, a good new follow on Twitter is @TopShotSCTrack — constantly posting updates to which players are needed in real time.
NFL All Day Drop 🏈
NFL All Day announced the details for the Week 18 drop, happening Friday at 4 PM and 7 PM EST (Standard/Premium). The moments that caught my eye — the highlights from the RIDICULOUS Chargers/Raiders game (one of the most insane football games I’ve ever seen). We all wanted the TIE!
Around The First Mint 🗣
The $LOOKS token has been tearing up the NFT scene, propelling the LooksRare Marketplace to surpass the daily volume of the incumbent, OpenSea. We welcome friends of The First Mint to our Twitter Space to get their thoughts on what a healthy and scalable NFT Marketplace looks like.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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