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Good Morning, NFT People! Hope you’ve had an excellent week!
We’ve had a whirlwind of announcements on Top Shot and the broader FLOW ecosystem this week — so buckle up, keep all hands and feet inside the Newsletter at all times, and let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
A Roller Coaster Week in TS 🎢
It’s a polarizing time in Dapper-land, with Top Shot Score reactions clashing with some milestones and teasers on the platform.
On one hand, you have celebratory tweets and giveaways across the ecosystem, with Top Shot surpassing a BILLION dollars in marketplace sales.
We also saw a curious announcement from Dapper regarding a potential $FLOW airdrop:

Every KYC’d person on Dapper will receive an Airdrop of $Flow 🪂

Timeline is sometime this summer after Flow is integrated with Dapper

Exact phrasing from @hellodapper is "a load” of Flow for each person

However, on the actual platform, the community has now had a few days for people to digest the Top Shot Score changes — and the fallout for those who crafted their collection under the old system is starting to fully be realized.
With valuable moments getting a serious boost under the new TSS, the previous ‘stacking’ meta for Collector Score took a big hit, with that change being felt severely on the current team leaderboards:
I’m sad to see the changes to @nbatopshot CS & TSS. Ive spent the last 10 mths dedicated to being a top @Raptors collector & loved it. I hunted down & bought EVERY S1/2 moment (when that was hard) & bought thousands of @pskills43 moments to battle with @intangible_eth for #1.
While there hadn’t been a ton of utility fleshed out previously for the Top leaderboard holders, Top Shot announced the latest All-Access Experience for the Western Conference Finals — with winners being chosen from the Mavericks TSS leaderboard. This week’s changes made that selection especially rough for those who dropped down in score:
@Dk1Top @Eisenberg43 I was in the top 25 of Mavs collectors since the inception of the team leaderboard until yesterday. You can’t make this up
A look at the Series 2 base set price action over the last week, via OTM:
With price factoring heavily into the new scoring methodology, it’s also fair to wonder how to compete on the leaderboards as a smaller account. While not an ideal situation, under Collector Score users were able to grind low-cost moments to move up the leaderboard.
In determining fandom, is who has the most money a positive indicator?
Tandyman ☘️
Top Shot Early Adopters at the top of every team leaderboard be like: https://t.co/9FC3iwCV3F
If you want a great deep dive on TSS and future implications:
Jon Jackson

As I mentioned yesterday, of course I have some thoughts on the new TSS that was rolled out by Top Shot.

I believe there's some short term bad, but if they adjust based on the short term bad, there's potential for long term good.

Ready? Here we go!
VIP Treatment 💸
Speaking of high spenders… Dapper quietly rolled out a purchase match promotion to members of the Top Shot VIP Program (qualifying guidelines here). Details:
While this likely feels like another slap in the face to prominent S2 collectors and non-whales in the heat of the moment, incentivizing whales and high-spenders to buy is a good thing for everyone. The slow drip reward structure also encourages holding — and hopefully this is just a test run for a similar promo with the general population.
That being said, quietly rolling out this promo and then posting about big purchases seems a bit disingenuous:
This falls under the same vibes as creating a Flash Challenge with a specific bottleneck, and then tweeting about how the market is on fire for that moment. Of course it is!
Playoff, WNBA and S1 Packs 📦
We’ve got several drops coming up, starting TODAY with the Round 2 Playoff Packs at 1 PM PST:

Round 2 Playoffs Pack are dropping this weekend

💥Saturday, May 21st @ 5PM ET
💥Queue 1: $19 per pack (15k)
💥Queue 2: 10 Trade Tickets (15k)

⭐4 NFTs per pack
⭐30k total packs
⭐0 Collector Score needed
⭐1 pack per queue https://t.co/QlgNIFDOm0
The next S1 Reserve drop is live on Wednesday, with the price staying consistent at 350 Trade Tickets.
Finally, the first WNBA drops of the year are coming soon, throwing it back to 2008 with Run It Back and Archive packs next Friday.
Around The First Mint 🗣
The First Mint live show returns in epic fashion. Join us as we discuss the Top Shot Score announcement, the NFT industry, and have some fun with the ‘Who Said It’ game. On today’s show, we’ll be joined by Corey from Martian Premier League, Quad, and Corporate Trash!
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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