A Legendary End to S3 📦

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Featuring Thursday’s Finals Pack Drop, NFT NYC Fun, Draft Week, A Ridiculous Pack Pull & More

Good Morning, NFT Squad! Happy Wednesday — a new day of the week for us with some changes to the content schedule!
Shout out to our TFM squad currently rampaging through NFT NYC, which looks like an awesome time:
Always fun to get @TheFirstMint gang together🎉

How did you kick off your @NFT_NYC week?

#NFTNYC2022 https://t.co/H4yzVgiKJo
Let’s get into all the action from the last few days:
A Legendary End to S3 📦
The big item on the Top Shot agenda this week is the Finals Legendary Drop on Thursday — and we got some info on Monday regarding Top Shot Score requirements for the queues:
TST | NBA Top Shot Talk
🏆NBA Finals Legendary Drop🏆

📦PQ 1 TSS 600,000 (225 packs)
📦PQ 2 TSS 125 000 (185 packs)
📦General TSS 500 (70 packs)
📦#NBA75 Queue Allowlist* (30 packs)

*30 collectors won an allowlist based on owning #75 serial moments and will have 24 hours to claim their pack https://t.co/eCAJ8Gvzni
While the knee-jerk reaction is that 600k looks like A LOT, I actually like gating the top queue to be extremely exclusive. Rewarding ‘whales’ is something that everybody scoffs at, but at least it provides some incentive for people to reach those high numbers.
A new addition to the queue structure was the inclusion of an NBA 75 ‘allow-list’, with Top Shot providing some surprise utility for holders of the special S3 #75 serials:
At Friday, June 17 at 3pm ET, we took a blind snapshot of every collector holding a #75 serial Moment from Series 3 — the season celebrating the NBA’s 75th anniversary. Every #75 serial Moment held qualified as an entry into a random drawing for our “Queue Allowlist.”
30 lucky winners were chosen — each winner has the guaranteed right to purchase an NBA Finals Legendary Pack in a special Queue that will remain open for 24 hours to maximize convenience for each participant.
Me stumbling into the queue (I’m honestly not sure if I’m dropping $1,000 on a pack in this market, but had to fit this hilarious Klay Thompson parade moment in somehow):
Klay Thompson accidentally knocked down a fan as he was running towards the crowd 😂

Draft Week 🍼
This week is the NBA Draft, and it’s always one of the most fun of the year when it comes to wild trades, outlandish rumors and fun speculation.
Top Shot is sending several collectors to the draft for an All-Access experience, and also ran a fun ‘draft’ that saw 14 collectors get their pick of several juicy packs from a variety of sets.
The draft went down yesterday — and the top two users walked home with some seriously awesome pulls.
The first pick went to TS user Goin2Work, who selected the S3 Deck the Hoops pack — and ripped a legendary Kevin Garnett ($5,200 low ask). The second pick was the other DTH pack from S2, which contained a Luka Doncic Legendary ($3,000 low ask), TWO LaMelo Ball TS Debuts and one Anthony Edwards debut. Legit one of the best packs I’ve ever seen!
I mentioned it last edition, but the draft was a very cool example of crafting something cool and new quietly — underpromise and overdeliver more, please!
Around The First Mint 🗣
If you haven’t already, check out LG’s insightful interview with Jayne Peressini, the GM of Top Shot:

@Jayne is the new General Manager at @nbatopshot. She gives us an inside look at the Top Shot platform, and what we can expect in the future.

Listen to this + more on the latest @TheFirstMint Podcast

🗣️Full episode - https://t.co/5hDTz7D96W https://t.co/IGLpRWGz0B
Jayne Peressini. Fresh off the end of the NBA season, we welcome her to show to get an inside look at how the NBA Top Shot platform plans to grow and what her first order of business has been at Dapper.
Thanks for reading! — Zach @ The First Mint
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