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The Edit | Emma Thompson • Stan Culture • Black Earth Rising

Read. Watch. Listen. Hi there, Hope you've had a good week. I write this bit last and I'm off on holi
September 14 · Issue #11 · View online
The Edit
Read. Watch. Listen.
Hi there,
Hope you’ve had a good week. I write this bit last and I’m off on holiday in about 10 minutes so don’t expect too much.
I’m trying out a new format for the email. It’s a bit more wordy, less spaced out but more or less the same thing. Let me know what you think?
Probably best just get on with it now while I head to the beach.
Back in two weeks. Thanks for reading!
Rob x

Vulture published In Conversation with Emma Thompson this week. I’m a big fan of her’s and would love to sit down for a chat like this. (I don’t think she’s a subscriber yet.) Vulture’s site also has a really helpful feature where footnotes show up next to where you’re reading when you hover on them.
Brian O'Flynn’s brilliant article on the dark side of gay stan culture sparked a lot of debate last week. Despite being surrounded by it daily on Twitter, I’d not really stopped to give it much thought before. I find it all fairly impossible to keep up with, quite exhausting and, if I’m completely honest, a bit boring. I just want pop stars to do an actual good song and music video. That’s quite enough.
Last night I discovered every series of The X Files is on Prime Video. Can you believe the show is 25 years old? I’m still having regular nightmares about Eugene Victor Tooms. Marisa Roffman has ranked the 25 best episodes for THR.
ITV’s recent cannibalisation of its own daytime television ‘stars’ is strange and a bit depressing. Marina Hyde’s attempt to make sense of the “Age of Sorry” is a much better use of your time than watching This Morning.
Michaela Cole in Black Earth Rising
Our TV has broken 😭but I still managed to see a few things worthy of your time…
BBC Two/Netflix’s Black Earth Rising began this week - it is a proper put your phone down drama, with some heavy subjects and far more questions than answers on offer in episode one. Michaela Cole is captivating as Kate Ashby, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide and adopted daughter of Eve, a powerful barrister at the International Criminal Court.
Reported Missing follows the search for missing people. Last week’s series opener features one of the most unbelievable stories I have ever seen on a show like this.
I’ve started Sharp Objects (which is only on Sky Boxsets until Sept. 26 so be quick) and I’m finding it affecting, unsettling and slightly dreamy. I don’t know why I like it but I really do.
Mark Ronson, Silk City & Dua Lipa
Finally here are a few new songs I’m enjoying at the moment 🎧

Silk City, Dua Lipa - Electricity
Weiss - Feel My Needs (Turn Around)
Tom Aspaul - Going Down
Dolly Parton, Sia - Here I Am
Rina Sawayama - Cherry
If you enjoy reading this email please forward it on to a friend.
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! Bye.
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