The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power - Issue #8

This is the last issue before the holiday break, and we hope you've enjoyed The Drill since we launch
The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

The Architecture Drilldown - Knowledge is Power

December 21 · Issue #5 · View online
The Architecture Drilldown

This is the last issue before the holiday break, and we hope you’ve enjoyed The Drill since we launched in November. We’re hosting @_Parlour Instagram over the New Year period from London and Paris, so please tune in for that. The Drill will resume in early 2019.

So, what’s of international interest this week?
Starting with some perspectives: Architecture & Design leaders weigh in on the future of the industry
Or try Aaron Betsky's new mantra: "The Style of Our Time Is Reuse: Don’t replace; renovate. Don’t replicate; intimate."
Which ties in with 'Degrowth: the Radical (re)action needed to avoide total economic and environmental collapse.'
Hashim Sarkis is the 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale curator. But what is his big idea? Anyone?
Uh oh. More collapse. Literal this time. Renzo Piano designs a new bridge for Genoa.
Exhausted by all that? Dust yourself off with this great take on women in practice, by Alison Brooks, who was in Melbourne recently.
Not surprisingly, some Italian architects have mounted a petition calling for equal recognition for Doriana Fuksas.
And in the age of the triplex: Minneapolis becomes first major US city to end single-family zoning.
Another view of densification, underground: 1A Earl's Court Square, by Sophie Hicks Architects in London.
And this ground gotta be remade. Demolished Richard Neutra house ordered to be rebuilt in San Francisco (also, see below for an iconic Perth rebuild).
Looking ahead: Leading Architects’ best pro-bono projects opening in 2019, from Miami to Congo.
Right-o, what’s happening on the national / federal front?
What happened at COAG last week (hold the popcorn, nothing to see here....)
So what? Renew says the government's backdown on energy standards will hurt.
And Data (is that a dirty word?) puts property sector on notice
While Michael Mobbs says designers are ignoring climate by using concrete, glass and steel
And Nick Deeks asks: "What’s stopping Australia from building smart cities?"
Meanwhile, back at the lab, Peter Raisbeck provides an update on ArchiTeam's RAsP research project (data, data, data, la, la, la)...
Drilling down further – what’s news across the states?
Did we not tell you it was good? Green Square Library and Plaza wins global library award.
Fantastic to see Monique on the tele, talking about WOWOWA's Yarra Pools proposal
They want your feedback, here:
Just in, via email newsletters: Nightingale Village and Assembly’s 393 Macauley Road projects both received planning approval this week (from Cities of Moreland and Melbourne respectively).
No Zaha for Brisbane: Sunland pulls the pin after failing to secure planning approval.
WOHA's first project in Perth includes signature sky gardens (slightly different climate, so that'll be interesting?!)
Destroyed by fire: Iwan Iwanoff's Pa­ganin house rises again.
Hassell's new multi-generational aged and child care centre in Claremont proposes a new type.
What upcoming events should I put in my diary?
Have you got your head around big data yet? No? Then try this: Insight: A Data Science Symposium, in Melbourne on 7 Feb 2019
Are there any competitions, awards or essential-bedtime-reading tenders I need to know about?
Houses Awards are opening soon for 2019.
And The Design Files is offering a trip to Auckland for two...
What about grants and funding announcements?
Wait a sec, perhaps some useful data is coming: PhD Scholarship in Housing Energy Efficiency Transitions (HEET) - Scaling up affordable retrofit, at RMIT
Must read books...
Stephen Todd says: "Sydney's new Architect's Bookshop is itself a paragon of good design". And he'd know!
Architects on the big screen...
Why do architects suffer from poor public perception? Perhaps these films hold some of the answers...
and Listen Up!
Talking about design beyond just good looks, on Triple R 102.7FM, Melbourne
Armchair (or actual?) travel…
SLD is going to London, equipped with Oliver Wainwright's list of 'The Top 10 architecture of 2018'
Inspiration or Archi-porn? You decide…
The 14 most anticipated buildings of 2019 (our pick? A new HQ for Le Monde in Paris... that's a new newspaper HQ, in 2019. Who'd've thunk it?)
Sounds Like Design’s Marketing and Communications tips of the week…
This is brilliant! It's an online workshop series for prospective residential clients, called The Naked Architect, by Open House Melbourne. Go. Now!
Are you still baffled by social media? Try this...
Bonus holiday reading (you'll thank me, truly. Maybe not now, but later....)
Feeling perambulatory (that's a word, honest). How to walk to LaGuardia Airport in New York City.
Feeling immortal? Nope. Good. Here you go. Why won't Architects talk about succession?
Feeling Christmassy? Us too. Visit the V&A's Architecture Gingerbread City.

And finally, a good laugh from Betsky: "Better Safe than Sexy"
Stride Treglown. Part of Gingerbread City 2018 at the V&A Museum. © Luke Hayes
Stride Treglown. Part of Gingerbread City 2018 at the V&A Museum. © Luke Hayes
And that’s it for this eighth instalment of The Architecture Drilldown. Happy Christmas, seasons greetings, Merry New Year and all the other end-of-year salutations and felicitations. Over and out. See you in 2019.
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